TerraTek Field Services Division

TerraTek Field Services Division specializes in engineered steel helical pier foundation systems for natural gas and oil pipelines and facility structures. These include compressor skids and buildings and appliances used throughout the industry.

The use of steel helical pier foundation systems allows construction in weather conditions where traditional methods, such as concrete, could have restrictions. Another advantage of helical pier use is the individual installation report of each pier cataloging the installation, pier depth, design torque, installed torque, and pier ID to referenced support drawings.

“The advantages of the systems are they usually exceed frost depth requirements and can be installed in any weather or soil conditions so it is not subject to freezing cycles,” President Robert Tarapchak says. “Concrete brings its own issues over the long term,” such as problems with deterioration and settling.

Greener, More Advantages
TerraTek Field Services Division helical piers systems are “really well-engineered; not too much affects them,” Tarapchak explains. “The supports have a long lifespan and can be reused in many instances.” The supports also have a smaller footprint onsite. There is less soil disturbance and since these supports can be removed, the products are greener than concrete supports, which must be dug out or left in the ground and subject to possible settling issues. The smaller supports, which are ready for immediate use, are also more cost effective and quicker to install, Tarapchak explains.

TerraTek Field Services Division’s enhanced steel helical pier system with its patent-pending lateral stabilization process utilizes chemical and mechanical methods which allow immediate use of the foundation supports. This system allows a smaller-diameter steel helical pier to be utilized with increasing the lateral capacity equal to larger piers of either steel or concrete.

TerraTek Field Services Division has also introduced pipe support brackets and clamps known as TerraTek Support Systems, patent-pending, which provide adjustable pipe support brackets specially designed for helical steel piers. The pipe support brackets and clamps are available for pipes sizes from 2 inches to 36 inches and feature a full-access adjusting system with up to minimum 4 inches of adjustment.

Available bracket configurations include flange, saddle, full cradle clamp, and flange cradle along with custom plate mounts. They are available in primed or galvanized finishes with various mounting heights. In addition to designs for helical piers, TerraTek Support Systems offers models for other foundation supports still used such as steel and concrete.

Good Growth
Founded in 2010, TerraTek Field Services Division is a division of Concrete Alternatives & More Inc. It is located in eastern Pennsylvania on the Marcellus Shale serving the eastern and central United States.

TerraTek Field Services Division is growing, Tarapchak says. “We are expanding and seeing good growth right now,” he says. “We are expecting continued growth as [our products and services] become more well-known and the industry is informed of them.”

The products developed into their current form from previous experience with foam breakers and pad supports. The initial development was sparked by industry suggestions seeking alternatives to concrete.

“There is very good growth in our business. The Marcellus Shale is going strong,” he says. “We understand gas production is exceeding expectations.”

TerraTek Field Services Divisions’ Engineering and Design Department has more than 80 years of design and engineering experience. Engineer Steve Dzubian, P.E., has 40 years of extensive professional background including 20 years working in the mining industry. Other key personnel have up to 25 years of experience in construction and business operations from multiple industries, including natural gas.

Furthermore, company employees are committed to community service with many volunteering, especially with church organizations and volunteer fire departments, Tarapchak says.

As timelines become more demanding in the natural gas and oil industry, TerraTek Field Services Division patented products and services can be an excellent solution for providers, it says.