Two people are working in a field of solar panels.

TerrePower launches new facility

TerrePower is the only company of its kind to refurbish and reuse both solar panels and EV batteries

TerrePower is an innovative solar panel and EV battery lifecycle management division of BBB Industries. Last month, the organization announced that solar remanufacturing at its Sparta, TN facility is fully operational. The plant is dedicated to extending the life and improving the performance of solar panels through sustainable manufacturing for reuse.

The facility, with 20,000 square feet devoted to solar panel sustainable manufacturing, has an annual capacity of over 125,000 panels. Established in 2021, TerrePower is leveraging over three decades of BBB Industries’ expertise in the global automotive aftermarket.

TerrePower is the only company of its kind to sustainably manufacture both EV batteries and solar power systems, including panels and inverters. Though EVs are still in the early stages of mass adoption, the company is ramping up its EV operations across four US plants (PA, FL, AZ and TN). The organization is also moving full speed ahead with solar panel refurbishment, which no company has yet scaled.

“The holy grail of responsible resource management has always prioritized reuse over recycling,” said Duncan Gillis, CEO of BBB Industries. “We are selling every solar panel we can remanufacture and expect to triple this side of our business in the next two years.”

TerrePower remanufactures used solar panels to enable second-life usage, selling them as a more affordable solution, typically for commercial or residential installation or replacement use. The company recycles materials from panels and EV batteries it cannot remanufacture and enables the reuse of raw materials to avoid landfill disposal. Remanufacturing used panels can cut carbon emissions by about 35 percent over original production.

TerrePower’s battery re-manufacturing process identifies weak battery pack components and replaces them to improve performance for vehicle reuse. Additionally, it re-purposes the under performing battery modules as stationary energy storage units for a second life.