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The Tesco Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture and service of technology-based solutions for the upstream energy industry.

The company is focused on bringing cost-saving technology to the oil and gas drilling industry. Known worldwide as the company that provides customers with ‘Better Ways to The Bottom’, Tesco is the leader in research, development and commercialisation of innovative products and services to reduce drilling costs, and improve safety and efficiency. For example, the organisation’s revolutionary casing drilling process makes it possible to speed up drilling by 20 to 30 per cent by eliminating drill-string tripping and the problems associated with it.

Brian Race, general manager for the business comments: “Founded in 1993, the Tesco Corporation is the leading top drive rental company. The need for a portable unit that can be installed in a rig quickly initially existed primarily in the North American markets. The reliability and quality of Tesco’s top drive product is well known in the industry and the company continues to grow the rental business with sales increasing steadily in many international markets. The organisation rented its first top drive in Indonesia – Asia is still a thriving area, as is the US.”

He continues: “Tesco has added the product lines of casing drilling and azimuth tubular services to complement the top drive rentals and unit sales. These product lines are destined to overtake top drive sales over the next five years. In the North Sea tubular services and casing drilling have been the mainstay of growth, and in 2008 Tesco Corporation (UK) Ltd will enter the offshore top drive rental market. The business centres its Europe, Russia and West Africa operations in Aberdeen, and potential growth is apparent in all of these three areas. The industry is remaining buoyant and the adoption of casing drilling is a natural step from our casing running service. Casing drilling is changing the traditional methodology and is at the heart of our future. Replacing drill pipe, eliminating trips, being able to drill through difficult environments makes this one of the most exciting technologies in the market today.”

Brian adds: “Tesco’s azimuth tubular services includes conventional casing running equipment, as well as unique technology to run casing with a top drive and a control line running system called MCLRS. All of these products are increasing in market share worldwide. The MCLRS system is being used in the Gulf of Mexico in a similar high cost environment as the North Sea and West Africa.”

A dynamic team of more than 1600 Tesco employees work daily in 23 countries around the world. The company’s commitment to its customers is essential to the future of the business. An example of this is the top drive after-sales service division, which has locations in the US, Europe and Africa – providing 24- hour support, parts supply and advice from specialised technicians.

In addition to developing an innovative product and service range, Tesco’s main vision is to create a culture of operational excellence in a workplace free of accidents, environmental emissions, health related incidents, losses to processes and security incidents. The company is dedicated to making QHSE an integral part of the business at all levels of the organisation and in all phases of its processes. Tesco’s future business growth depends on its ability to continuously improve its QHSE performance. The QHSE management system defines the structure and principles of how the company conducts its operations worldwide, with regards to quality of products and service; health and safety of employees, customers and contractors; and environmental protection. Each business segment and location must provide evidence of the implementation of this management system.

Looking to the future, Tesco’s main aim is to change the way people drill wells, making operations safer and more efficient. With a history of technical innovation, a track record of superior customer service and a future of leading-edge solutions, the company will continue to set new standards and demonstrate leadership in the upstream petroleum industry.

Brian concludes: “There is nothing more enjoyable than introducing successful technology and seeing the results of its execution. Tesco will continue to develop new innovative solutions for the market. Our main aim for the future is to increase the amount of operators who use our tubular services, introduce a new top drive service to the North Sea and establish casing drilling.”

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