Teuling Staal B.V.

Steel at the top

Located in Barendrecht, the Netherlands, Teuling Staal B.V. is an independent steel trader and specialised stockist for pipe, fittings, flanges, forgings, bar material and special products, mainly in duplex and super duplex stainless steel.

In fact, Teuling Staal is the number one stockist for duplex stainless steel. The company’s main activity is the supply of offshore production platform and onshore plant piping packages. One of its specialities is the supply of special pipelines in duplex stainless steel and clad steel, complete with external coating and/or insulation and concrete weight coating.

“Teuling Staal was founded in 1977 and was one of the first companies to introduce duplex stainless steel welded pipe to the market,” says managing director Johan de Ruijter. “Together with a German manufacturer we developed the welded duplex stainless steel pipe. We mainly supply materials to the oil and gas market worldwide and export to 70 countries each year.” Our stock materials are tested to cover all international standards as well as the specifications from end users.

The organisation’s workforce of approximately 20 people, including qualified engineers, operates in its three warehouse facilities with a total floor capacity of 4500 square metres. Teuling Staal is certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) to ISO 9001:2008 for project management, supply stockholding, design and strength calculation of line pipe, fittings, flanges in stainless and alloy steels and associated products.

Its assurance policy is based on many years of experience in the delivery of first class, high standard materials and services, and in order to maintain its highly respected reputation in the duplex and super duplex stainless steel market, the company works exclusively with first class manufacturers and to the highest quality management standards.

Elaborating on how the company ensures that it stands out in the marketplace, Johan says: “We focus on reliability and quality. We only buy our materials from a select group of suppliers, who we believe are the world’s best in our field. Owing to our long term loyalty, they provide us with the best quality and service – and always deliver on time”.

Discussing Teuling Staal’s activities and everyday work, Johan reveals what Shell, BP and all the other big oil and gas companies receive from co-operating with the organisation: “We offer regular sizes up to 30 inch nominal bore. Up to and including 12 inches, we stock all the standard thicknesses from s10s to XXS – which covers the majority of requirements. Flanges are stocked in corresponding thicknesses in all pressure classes, with out total stock reaching approximately 950 tonnes.

“Recently we have supplied our materials to the BP Valhalla project, involving a platform being built at the moment in Holland, though it is coming to an end now. The platform is a tremendous piece of work – it is full of duplex, stainless and titanium. In the past stainless steel was used but duplex and super duplex offers a higher corrosive resistance, and due to its strength the wall thicknesses can be reduced, which lowers the total weight.”

Other project work the company has undertaken includes various line pipe projects for both on and offshore application. One of the largest plant projects executed is the Grijpskerk Underground Gas Storage (UGS) project, which required the supply of 3000 tonnes of heavy wall thickness duplex stainless steel pipe. In addition, the Norg Underground Gas Storage (UGS) project involved the supply of 2000 tonnes of heavy wall thickness duplex stainless steel pipe, fittings and flanges with dimensions ranging from half an inch to 30 inches. On almost all offshore platforms you can find duplex and super duplex materials these days, from piping material to riser pipe and eventual line pipe.

Teuling Staal is reaping the rewards of having established an excellent reputation in the past, now that times are tougher in terms of securing contracts. There is no denying that its business has been affected, though Johan’s attitude is optimistic and resilient, particularly in light of the firm being recently acquired by a larger company.

“Owing to the economic crisis business is very slow at the moment worldwide,” he reports. “However, we can look forward to possibilities in the future due to our place in the market, the total packages we deliver and our lead times. Our main target is to maintain our market position and then slowly we will look to extend our activities through our new parent company. We were sold in 2007 to a large company in Germany that operates worldwide, so we’re hoping to integrate our business into that organisation as well as operate further afield, perhaps using its local facilities to sell our materials.”

With a managing director in possession of such a focused idea of how to progress Teuling Staal, it seems likely that the future will prove to be extremely bright for the company. If all goes to plan the business may even be in a position to make acquisitions of its own in five years time, so that Teuling Staal can be globalised for greater success.

Teuling Staal B.V.

Products: Steel, duplex and super duplex, pipe, fittings, and flanges