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Servicing success

Tombim Services Ltd was established in 1996 and in 17 years has grown into a reputable company with a mission to provide a professional one-stop service encompassing engineering, fabrication, installation/commissioning and maintenance services to the oil and gas industry.

Kabir Abdul, administrations manager of Tombim, explained that the company is now in a phase of transition in a move from its leased fabrication facility to its newly acquired site: “We have applied for building approvals so hopefully we should have the structures coming up sometime next year.” A core value of the business is to maintain efficient and effective quality assurance. The move reflects the growing business with its position amongst the main industry players; for example the company holds a long-standing relationship with ExxonMobil, established as a client for over 14 years. Treating the customer’s objectives as its own is a trait that equips the business with the capacity to work in unison with these customers.

“In 2012 we were completing phase one of the UBIT GY pigging facilities and fuel gas upgrade for Exxon,” said Kabir. The modification of the structural system for a new deck module and its installation has now been completed. “Following this we were awarded with three additional pipeline contracts, all of which involved extensive civil and mechanical work. We have now finished the IDOHO QIT pipeline installation, and have begun on the EDOP and UBIT QIT projects. We aim to have these rounded up by the end of this year,” he added.

Elaborating on the current conditions Kabir said: “There is a lot of activity right now. The weather is better for work, especially offshore, and there is an increase in jobs on the market.” The company has formed a relationship with several technical partners manufacturing equipment that is strategically important to the success of the business.

Earlier this year Tombim met with National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS). Kabir discussed the reasons for this meeting: “There is a lot of emphasis on local contractors to begin handling aspects of the industry that international companies have been in charge of for so long. It was an essential meeting, particularly in terms of support.

“At the moment we are a sub-contractor to our clients, such as ExxonMobil. We have built up the business and we are nearly qualified to become a major contractor ourselves. The next set of contracts come to tender in one year so we are waiting for that opportunity where we will apply.”

Tombim is driven to deliver projects on time and to budget without compromising on safety or quality of the work, and it is committed to operating using top-of-the range equipment that is regularly maintained and calibrated. The combination of these core values assures that the business remains an attractive contractor to potential clients.

Plenty of opportunity has arisen for Tombim and there is contact between it and a variety of oil majors. In focusing on geographical expansion, Kabir informed: “We have had contact with some local contractors in Equatorial Guinea and are establishing contact with them and can hopefully begin contracting there soon. We are also making inroads into Niger republic’s evolving oil/gas activities.

“We are trying to build a far stronger relationship with SBM Inc (Single Buoy Moorings Inc) and its looking positive. We have lots of experience working on their equipment and we are in a position to represent their interests in the area. We have meetings scheduled in November 2013 to begin to tie all of that in.”

Some years ago, in 2004, the company completed an overhaul of the Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) Unlimited single point mooring buoy, SPM 1414. Since this project the company has recently maintained the SPM 1448 buoy for (MPN). Tombim and SBM Inc are currently developing a partnership to maintain SBM equipment in Nigeria.

The company operates under a robust HSE management system that ensures the safety of its personnel and environment. In 2009, ExxonMobil presented Tombim with a contractor safety award and it subsequently went on to receive an award for Most Improved in the 2011 NPO Contractors Safety Forum.

Over the years Tombim has acquired and developed a team of qualified and experienced managers and engineers. Each project is planned and executed by its staff. Kabir is confident in the strengths of the company: “Our experience, combined with our system management procedures has proven to be a success.” Clients in previous contracts have noted the dedication from its employees and high levels of professionalism. Shedding light on the importance of recognition, he added: “Without personnel you can’t do a good job, and without a good job you have no record. You need clients to see your successes in terms of quality in the job, delivery time, safety, personnel, equipment and experience generally. In a lot of situations we are getting to a place where the name speaks for itself.”

The vision of Tombim to fulfil its aspirations of being the best by satisfying the requirements and needs of local industry and compete with multinational companies is continuously in its sight. Once the new premises are completed the business will permanently change base. Having recently upgraded its registration status with the Department for Petroleum Resources (DPR), from the major category to the specialised category, it hopes to achieve ISO certification in 2013. In reflecting on the stance of the business over the next five years, Kabir without hesitation concluded: “Our focus is to become a major contractor.”

Tombim Services Ltd
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