A new lease of life

Dedicated to supporting each and every one of its customers by providing class leading, value added specialised engineering services, Torishima serves a number of industrial sectors including the oil and gas, chemicals, water and wastewater and power generation markets.

With origins dating back to 1919, the company’s mission is to distinguish itself within these different sectors by providing uniquely integrated service solutions, which meets the individual needs of the client in question.

An aftermarket leader in the provision of engineering services and plant asset management solutions, Torishima provides fully integrated, and multi disciplined, single sourced solutions. Whether these are used individually or combined into larger systems, Torishima’s full range of services are designed to get the most out of a customer’s plant and equipment.

With a goal of becoming a long-term partner of every business it supports, the company prides itself on the relationships it has built over the years. Delivering the utmost in quality and cost effectiveness, the safe manner in which Torishima’s skilled and reliable people go about their business ensures that the company’s interaction with its customers is always the best it can be.

The belief of the company is that its strength is derived from its comprehensive portfolio of pump products and the integrated nature of its services. The powerful combination of these two qualities enables Torishima to consistently deliver best-in-class equipment and service solutions that invariably improve the performance of its customer’s applications beyond even their greatest expectations. Just a handful of examples that make up the extensive selection of pump types provided by the company include double suction pumps, vertical barrel-type pumps, circulating pumps and high pressure feed pumps for desalination processes.

To name a few of the services provided by Torishima, those on offer include pump refurbishments, precision engineering, specialist coatings, electrical, mechanical and asset management services. However, perhaps the most talked about service within the industry at this time is a process Torishima has developed known as Re-Engineering and Design Up (REDU). A prime example of the company’s constant drive to keep innovation at the forefront of its service capability, REDU is designed to support customers that are experiencing issues of obsolete or difficult to obtain spares and components that have the potential to severely disrupt business operations.

The first phase of the REDU process involves reverse engineering a customer’s component, producing a set of engineering drawings of the parts in question and then utilising sophisticated co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM’s). This particular process can be either carried out in-house, utilising a scientifically accurate, fixed CMM machine, following the delivery of the component in question to Torishima’s workshop or through the use of the equally robust and accurate portable CMM equipment used to measure components that do not lend themselves to being moved from their present locations.

During the measuring process a 3D image can be rendered from the collected data through the use of state-of-the-art design engineering software. The data collected during this time forms the backbone of REDU, providing the base information for the company’s engineers to intricately analyse each of the component parts, designing and reproducing each one with the very highest degree of accuracy.

As the REDU process reveals its findings, the engineering team are able to ascertain if anything requires modification or a complete design change. It is at this point, in complete co-operation with the customer at all times, that the ‘design up’ stage begins and the revolutionary nature of the REDU concept comes to fore. Taking the reverse-engineered design, Torishima’s engineers work together to ask a series of questions in order to get a full understanding of the functional requirements of the component. Reviewing the original manufacturing process, the engineering team is able to identify and establish the best solution to improve the component and meet the needs of the customer.

An equally important part of the whole REDU operation is the process of material identification and specification. Whether this work is required to upgrade something or because the component being re-engineered is so old that the materials used and method of manufacture is unknown, Torishima is able to undertake a programme of Positive Materials Identification (PMI) to recognise the original construction materials used.

The number of benefits that are provided by the REDU process are considerable and each help achieve substantial cost benefits for those that utilise the service. Amongst the many different positives REDU has been recognised as demonstrating include improved efficiency, reduced operating and maintenance costs, improved overall performance, increased component life, shorter lead times and reduced capital spend. REDU also provides customers with the opportunity to acquire parts and components with design and material upgrades tailored specifically to their operational needs, thanks to the latest technological advances.

It is because of the innovative REDU process, its lengthy experience as an OEM and its expertise in remediation techniques that Torishima considers itself ideally positioned to return a customer’s present equipment to ‘like new’ condition or better. The company’s ability to customise, rebuild or remanufacture an application to this standard also extends to full machine upgrades. In such an instance Torishima’s engineers will inspect and disassemble the machine, examining each individual part and remediate, repair or place these where appropriate. All repairs are photographed throughout in order to provide a full visual record of the work carried out before the machine is re-assembled, tested and dispatched back to the customer.

Torishima makes it very clear from the offset that the entire REDU process is controlled by the customer and it is they who determine the degree of refurbishment, ranging from a general clean up to a complete overhaul, which includes the incorporation of the latest technical upgrades. All the while the work is underpinned by the company’s quality control and management system and built-in materials traceability.

Available to provide support all year round, Torishima retains a total commitment to
meeting and exceeding the requirements of all of its customers, using its repair service to preserve the vast majority of the value of their equipment while effectively providing them with a second life.

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