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Triplex AS, a leading name in maritime mechanical handling equipment, has revolutionised anchor handling and cargo handling with its new Triplex MDH (multi deck handler).

Developed through close collaboration with Solstad Technology AS, the Triplex MDH removes many of the most dangerous working operations on board anchor handling and supply vessels, and is being dubbed ‘the safe deck operation system of the future’.

Per Olav Blikås, managing director at Triplex AS, elaborates on the latest addition to the already impressive Triplex product catalogue: “The concept is based on a solid double-beam gantry crane and a trolley that carries two manipulators and a winch, and is operated via remote radio control technology.

“Developed to meet the demanding HSE regulations for mounting and handling on board offshore vessels, the MDH combines flexibility, reach and capacity, and is moved and used on rails that cover the entire deck area,” he continues. “Its maximum load handling capacity is 42 tonnes, and it is ideal for a range of applications, including lifting and handling of heavy equipment, stowing, catching pendant wires and buoys, unscrewing nuts and bolts, and handling wires. The product follows a general trend in the market towards making operations on anchor handling vessels much safer. For example, previously simple tools are now being replaced with mechanical robotics, causing no exposure of danger and damage to deck operations crew.”

The success of the new product has been quickly embraced by a number of offshore companies: “The first Triplex MDH has already been in operation onboard the AHT Normand Ferking for nine months,” says Per Olav. “We are very pleased that it has already earned an excellent reputation from the crew onboard the vessel. We have also signed contracts for the Triplex MDH with Karmsund Maritime AS and Kleven Maritime AS. The operational launch of the prototype has been a real milestone and a giant technological leap forward for the company, and we are already looking at introducing complimentary MDH solutions to facilitate even safer cargo handling onboard PSVs.”

Despite being a large technological leap forward, the development of the Triplex MDH is consistent with the company’s reputation as a leader in the supply of offshore mechanical handling equipment: “We are a company that has been built on a strong knowledge of the market and reliability,” Per Olav comments. “Our aim is to always develop technology that meets our customers’ expectations and significantly improves their overall business operations, whilst improving HSE onboard vessels. Furthermore we have an excellent reputation among offshore clients for the development of both standard and tailor-made solutions, with many of our long-term customers eager to be the first company to deploy new Triplex technologies.”

This approach means that the company works closely with its customers during product development: “A large majority of offshore clients are looking for products with specific applications and technologies that will fit in as a part of their total operations,” Per Olav explains. “We have a recognised reputation for dealing with tailored products for niche applications, and as such can work with the clients to transform their requirements into new technology. The Triplex MDH is a great example of this strategy in action. The development of the product was only made possible through an ongoing collaboration with Solstad Technology AS, where Triplex was responsible for design/functional improvements, production and marketing.”

Together with the Triplex MDH, the company has been responsible for a number of other revolutionary offshore technologies, as Per Olav explains: “In 1984 we introduced the unique Triplex Shark Jaw and guide pins to the offshore market with much success. The product was originally developed in accordance with regulations set by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate, focusing on safe deck handling and easy operations during anchor handling, and although the design has been copied several times it has never been equalled.

“The design is such that no human handling is needed when securing or releasing a load, as the shark jaw teeth firmly and safely grip the wire or chain and prevent the line from escaping the jaws when they are closed,” he continues. “Under normal operations, and even in emergency or dead ship conditions, the jaws rapidly open and retract to the deck level and leave no obstacles that could harm the equipment, or operator.”

The addition of the Triplex MDH to the company’s impressive portfolio, leaves Per Olav in no doubt of further success for the business: “The boom in the offshore market has possibly reached its highest level ever, and our order books have never looked better. We will maintain our vision of being the leading supplier of products and services for handling operations within the maritime sector, whilst looking into new expansion opportunities for the future.

“Most importantly, we will make sure that Triplex is known as a company that can be relied upon at all times. We strongly believe in our ability to create excellent solutions for new and existing clients, and are positive that the potential for Triplex products is continually growing,” he concludes.

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