Tulsa Inspection Resources Inc.

By emphasizing safety, service and training, Tulsa Inspection Resources Inc. thrives, whether the company is supporting a small project with a single inspector or major projects requiring hundreds of quality inspectors.

Tulsa Inspection can provide an individual inspector for a specific assignment for all construction phases of a project. Its capabilities include construction management for an entire project, as well as major rehab and maintenance projects.

Tulsa Inspection Services inspects full pipeline systems and related entities, including process plants, pump and compressor stations terminals and tanks, the company says. It inspects gas gathering systems and related facilities as well as public utility distribution systems. The company offers a full-service integrity department, AGM surveys, pig tracking, dig staking and as-built surveys. It is a “pure” inspection company offering clients objective, unbiased services with no conflicts of interest or ties to engineering, operations or management, Tulsa says.

Tulsa Inspection Resources’ management team boasts more than 150 years of collective pipeline inspection experience. Tulsa team members’ expertise includes experience on both sides of the industry in operations as well as third-party companies.

Bright Future
Now is an exciting time for Tulsa Inspection Services, which just celebrated its 10th year of business. It started with only 25 employees in 2003, and now has five locations.

The company has resources that can’t be matched, says Richard Grogan, vice president of pipeline integrity services. Grogan has more than 20 years experience in the business. He formerly worked at the Mid-America Pipeline Co. and Williams Energy Services. Grogan has extensive experience in all phases of pipeline integrity, route surveying and construction inspection, as well as right of way services. He has also worked on fiber-optic long hauls and electric transmission lines. In addition, Grogan has a strong business development background. Tulsa Inspection has grown due to its strong long-term domestic relationships, he explains.

Its affiliates and associated partner company’s include Cypress Energy Partners LLC, Foley Inspection Services and Tulsa Inspection Resources – Canada and Cypress Energy Partners L.P.

Chief Inspector
Randall Lorett is the president and CEO of Tulsa Inspection. He has 24 years of field experience in inspection and safety in new construction, rehab- ilitation and maintenance of pipeline systems. Lorett has held several positions, including Radiographer Level II and CWI Welding Inspector using API 1104, API 1107,B31.1, B31.3, B31.8 and B31.G.

He is an evaluator for MEA and Veriforce, as well as a Certified Master Trainer and an Assessment Administrator for NCCER. Lorett has successfully completed OSHA 510 and OSHA 500 courses and has conducted and attended numerous seminars on safety in the pipeline industry. He also has penned safety manuals and training programs.

Pipelines, Plants and More
Tulsa Inspection Resources provides inspectors for all construction phases of projects. Its personnel consists of highly qualified professionals. They are conscientious about their responsibility, the company says.

Tulsa Inspection Resources has experience in numerous projects including:

+ Pipelines, new construction and rehabilitation
+ Process plants
+ Pump and compressor stations
+ Pig tracking and pigging facilities
+ Terminals
+ Tanks
+ Inline pipeline inspection and remediation
+ Oversight of maintenance activities related to inline inspection and preparation for inspection
+ Maintaining organization structure for quality control areas for regulatory compliance
+ Detailed project cost tracking.
Tulsa continuously seeks personnel with experience in any of those inspector classifications, the company says.