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UK hydrogen cluster launches

The East Suffolk Hydrogen Conference recently presented the hydrogen cluster vision

Hydrogen East has now launched the cluster and announced the first members of its new Industry-led Advisory Group (IAG).

The organization first unveiled a vision for a regional, distributed clean hydrogen cluster in the East of England last year. This will pave the way for proactive development and improved infrastructure, to be further scaled as the demand for clean hydrogen grows.

This work has continued since and gathered pace. The East Suffolk Hydrogen Conference recently presented the vision as a key part of Hydrogen East’s Hydrogen Week activities. This saw a Hydrogen Cluster Round Table held, which helped to further shape the path forwards.

Hydrogen East launched the cluster at the East of England Energy Group’s (EEEGR) SNS Vision 2030 annual conference in Norwich. Hydrogen UK, the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (UKHFCA), Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA), Freeport East, East of England Energy Group (EEEGR), Cambridge Cleantech, Water Resources East and the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership are all supporting the venture.

Details of the IAG were revealed during the SNS2023 conference panel session ‘Hydrogen Evolution in the East.’

The expectation is that the IAG will continue growing in the weeks and months ahead. Its early members include Cadent, National Gas Transmission, Turner & Townsend, Reynolds Logistics, Dron & Dickson, HydroGenus, Hanson, Aquaterra Energy, SaxonAir, Ryze Hydrogen, the Bacton Hydrogen Hub, and Opergy.

A key first action for the Cluster will be to secure a dedicated Hydrogen Cluster manager. They will have the responsibility for coordinating and delivering actions on behalf of the Cluster IAG. This will include a core work program and a regional hydrogen roadmap of new potential hydrogen projects. Their duties will also include organizing and delivering collaborative workshops and sessions representing the entire hydrogen value chain.