Underwater drill and fixing system

Miko Marine AS of Norway has developed a new electric underwater drill and fastening system tha can penetrate and join two metal plates up to 22mm thick in one action.

The battery powered Miko Fix drill can be operated by divers at any depth down to 50 metres. It is mounted in a specially designed stand that is clamped to the work piece by high-power permanent magnets. When in use the drill is loaded with a unique Miko bolt, the end of which is shaped and hardened to function as the drill bit. This cuts through the metal to be joined and enables its upper end to function as a self-tapping bolt that continues to penetrate so that it is screwed through the pieces that become securely joined. Using the Miko Fix system two steel plates each ten mm thick can be drilled and joined in approximately one minute. When the bolt has been driven home the magnetic clamps are released enabling the process to be repeated at a new location.

The new Miko Fix system can be used for a huge variety of repair and construction tasks underwater (although it was developed specifically for use with the Miko FlexiShape patch.)