Unique solar farm completed

Ethical Power announced completion of its Maesgwyn solar farm, Glynneath, South Wales. The project features new technology in order to maximise yield from a complicated brownfield site.

Originally a coal slag heap and more recently used for grazing sheep, this brownfield site required innovative technology to combine power from two dozen existing wind turbines with power from solar panels to be fed back into the National Grid. This 3.72MW peak site consisting of 13,524 ground mount panels will have the capacity to support 800 average homes via the national grid for the 25 year lifetime of the park.

Justin Mowbray, Technical Director for Ethical Power, said: “This has been a very exciting project for ourselves and our shareholders, we expect this method to become more and more common place over the next year so as to utilise any excess capacity on existing grid connections. Ethical Power’s innovations and advances in export limitation technology of this type will continue to place us as market leaders in development of brownfield and other commercial sites.”

Having been connected to the National Grid on 27th Feb 2017 the site meets the government imposed Renewable Obligations Certificates (ROCs) deadline of March 31st 2017. This means that the site is eligible for receiving additional payment for the electricity that will be supplied to the National Grid.