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It’s electrifying

Originally founded as a shipbuilding company in 1983, Vageri BV has developed throughout its 26-year history to become a leading contractor for E&I (electrical and instrumentation) and engineering projects in the oil and gas industry.

With a wide scope of capabilities supplied by its highly skilled employees, the company can offer basic and detailed engineering, commissioning, installation and procurement services throughout a range of package and individual options. From advice and design, through project management to installation and operation, the company holds a superior understanding and knowledge of market demands, variants and products. Each client is given a personal service catering to their exact needs and varying requirements and it is this quality application that means Vageri can name Gaz de France, Chevron, HERTEL, and Fabricom among its regular customers.

Wim Wallaard, director of the company highlights its main strengths in the marketplace: “Our biggest advantage against our competitors is the fact that we can offer our clients a complete engineering package starting from scratch. Throughout the process we are able to offer the client additional services such as the procurement of equipment, meaning that instead of having to approach another company we can be totally responsible for end design, construction and installation throughout. In general we have two types of client, the construction yards that build for the platform operators and the operators themselves – so we have quite a broad approach to the industry.”

Mainly operating in the Netherlands and European regions, Vageri BV is a member of Fpal (First point assessment), the oil and gas supply chain database that is used by companies as a key tool for selecting current and potential suppliers when awarding contracts or orders. Maintaining such links is essential to the company and indeed any projects the company is involved in outside of Europe are always for local operators that have taken their work abroad. For example a Dutch company may transport its installation to Dubai and still require Vageri’s services.

One of the company’s most recent projects was an involvement with HSM Steel Structures and the Ithaca platform, supplying construction and commissioning assistance for electrical instrumentation, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and fire and gas installations. Vageri has also been supplying a number of capabilities for the Gusto Msc Mopuster Tank installation on the YME development in Norway. Vageri provided the engineering, delivery, programming, fabrication and commissioning of the HIMA F35 system with delivery of subsea installed junction boxes and cabling, reaching depths of up to 100 metres. Such E&I systems are a specialty for the company as Wim notes: “We have strengths in the electrical and instrumentation discipline and can deliver all switch gear, installations, wiring and power services for a project, as well as all the safety applications for fire and gas, telecommunications and computer networks on board. We never tell a client that we have only one package to offer, instead we ask the client what they need first and then supply and install it.”

Vageri has always held a mission to supply intelligent systems that contribute to the improved efficiency, cost reduction and reduced environmental damage of clients operations. Technological innovation and full system integration coupled with operational expertise and user-friendly solutions enables the company to actively target those in the oil and gas industry, energy sector and semi-process industries and Vageri’s persistent development has allowed it to investigate ever more complex projects and customer demands over recent years. Heavy investment has consistently been put into the workforce over the years, especially in training and education, which aids the philosophy that knowledge is at the core of the business.

However the current economic crisis has had an affect on operator’s investment on platforms and their eagerness to refurbish or advance in new technologies. Wim believes that Vageri still has an optimistic future in the industry: “Despite the economic crisis we are doing well at the moment, we have been around for a long time and have seen many changes in the oil and gas industry placing us in a good position to survive. Even though some operators are becoming reluctant to place investment, there are still some who are experiencing very strong prospects and as such want to use our abilities to facilitate them. Having such a specialised and, at the same time, broad range of capabilities that cover engineering, security, automation and installation across all the important oil and gas vessels makes us confident about the coming years. We have a strategy for growth and will continue to offer personalised solutions for a range of evolving demands.”

Vageri BV

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