Wave power

Bosch Rexroth and wave energy machine developers, Aquamarine Power and Carnegie Wave Energy, have taken a significant step towards the creation of a standardised, self-contained offshore electricity generator, with the announcement of new funding to support the project. A Scottish Government grant of £2 million has been awarded by Wave Energy Scotland to the consortium to fund the development of full scale WavePOD (Wave Power Offtake Device) designs. The industry wide collaboration tackles one of the biggest challenges in the emerging wave energy industry – the generation of reliable and cost effective electricity at sea.

WavePOD will provide a commercial solution to the problem most wave energy developers face in transforming reciprocating linear motion into electrical energy. It comprises an offshore hydraulic generator housed in a sealed nacelle that converts wave energy into electrical energy, which is then cabled back to shore.

Louis Verdegem, ocean technology specialist at Bosch Rexroth, said: “The WavePOD project has the potential to transform how we harness the power of waves, and provide large quantities of indigenous, renewable energy whilst reducing our dependence on imported fossil fuels.

“We are beginning to see extremely positive results from our tenth scale prototype and, with the backing of the world’s leading wave energy developers and Wave Energy Scotland, we are very excited at what the future holds for WavePOD.”

Issue 125 October 2015