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Established in 2006, West Communications (WestCom) is the result of a merger between the communications department of North Sea Innovation (NSI) and Western Electrical Engineering, which was founded in 1975.

Today the company is backed by more than 30 years experience of providing telecoms equipment in the Stavanger region. Building on this history, WestCom has been able to gain an impressive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the types of communications equipment required by companies in the oil and gas industry.

WestCom is made up of two major business fields, one is in the offshore oil and gas sector, while the other is in land-based industries. The company’s marketing director, Sverre Solversen, elaborates on the its three main business areas within the oil and gas sector: “Our oil and gas portfolio is by far the largest, representing 90 per cent of our income. For this reason we are focusing on increasing our work in this area and building upon the main pillars of the company. Within the sector there are three legs to the business – the first is the direct sale to our customers, where they can order a product based on the particular solution they require. Secondly there is our workshop, which offers maintenance services to customers. Our staff are also qualified to go offshore and carry out maintenance or repairs on-site, be it on a platform or a supply boat. Finally we have a rental department, where equipment for specific projects can be hired out.”

Offering on-site services is one of the commitments WestCom makes it to its clients. Operating on an as-and-when basis, the company answers requests from its customers when they need maintenance or repairs and sends technicians accordingly. As a result workers are constantly available to help out, adding to the reputation WestCom has cultivated as a supplier that can provide its customers with everything they need when it comes to communications equipment.

With a comprehensive service to meet all types of customer requirements, WestCom builds on its knowledge and experience of the industry to provide the best solutions to its customers at all times. “We really offer a broad spectrum in our product line and the services that accompany it,” explains Sverre. “First of all we have extensive knowledge of the oil and gas market, and this level of knowledge, coupled with the communications specific experience of our employees means that the level of service we provide is unrivalled in this industry.

“As for our customers, we maintain longstanding relationships with them because we understand how important it is to know their needs. We realise that at times we will need to be in very close contact with our clients because they don’t always know specifically which product they require, rather they need a solution and so it is our job to become part of that solution by matching the right product to their needs. If they have a problem we want to make it our problem so that we can give them the best solution available. For this reason we have a number of loyal customers who see us as a reliable choice.”

However, WestCom is not content to rest on its laurels and is looking to increase its market presence. Sverre comments: “We are looking to expand in Norway first of all. Our main office is located in Stavanger and we are setting up a new location in Bergen, which is a bigger city further north from here. We also have other offices further north, so we can supply all the companies along the Norwegian coast. After we have achieved our aims in this area, we also have ambitions to take our business outside Norway. For now we are also actively hiring people here in Stavanger, because of the sheer amount of activity in this area.”

The company remains dependent on the changes that take place within the oil and gas sector as such a large proportion of its business is in this market. Fortunately Sverre sees plenty of opportunities in the industry and is optimistic about the future of oil and gas operations in the North Sea region: “We expect to see expansion in the coming years, especially regarding our three main business areas of sales, maintenance and rental equipment. These three areas mean that we really can offer a service to a number of clients. For example, if a company decides they don’t want to invest in new radio systems they will require extensive maintenance on their old ones, and we can assist them with this. Similarly if a client is only interested in temporary rental of equipment we have the service to meet their needs, and as we offer our services to both the on and offshore sectors, we really can cover the whole market in terms of communications equipment.”

Finally, Sverre describes where he would like to see WestCom in the future: “We want to be the number one choice for companies using radio communication. With this is mind, we hope that prospective clients will understand that we can help them run safer and more efficient operations. Ultimately I want to see WestCom become an international player, moving ahead on a global scale, as a growing business in the telecoms sector.”

West Communications
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