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WRS Marine Inspections & Services BV was founded in the Netherlands in 1994, and offers tailor-made solutions for its clients in the shipping industry worldwide.

The company specialises in a wide range of areas throughout its two core departments, providing expertise in steel inspections, coating inspections, visual inspections, class renewal, aluminium products, NDT services, ultrasonic surveys and cathodic protection. Located near to the city of Rotterdam, WRS Marine is internationally recognised by shipping companies throughout both the Netherlands and the rest of the world, being ISO 9001 certified and approved by many major classification societies.

Ger Monster, general manager of WRS Marine, talks about how the company separates itself from its competition: “We are always looking to hone our technology and develop our techniques to keep a step ahead of our competitors, and having a vast knowledge of the offshore market is vital to our success. All of our staff are highly experienced within the industry, and we are always participating in both internal and external courses to ensure that we can provide ship-owners with the most accurate information possible. As a company, we also pride ourselves on our round-the-clock availability, and we can guarantee our customers that we will be reachable 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

WRS Marine has several current developments underway, including a recent project involving a large vessel built to carry industrial cranes that weigh upwards of 5000 tonnes. Ger discusses the scale of the contract: “This is something we have been working on for over four months now and we have provided a multitude of services on it already. It is a colossal vessel and we designed a complete repair specification plan for it, including ultrasound surveying, NDT inspection checking and all the cathodic protection.”

Amongst the core services that WRS Marine provides is hull condition monitoring, for example, steel renewal surveys. These surveys can provide the ship-owner with all the relevant details, through compiling a class-approved report that contains information on the vessel’s current condition, measurements, dynamics, and any recommendations for repairs. The company also offers CAP, CAS and MARSPEC surveys for vessels over 15 years old, specifically targeted towards assessing their structural condition. Increasing thickness measurements means that making adequate strength calculations becomes possible, and qualified personnel provide comprehensive templates for clients, in societyapproved formats.

Because most classification societies demand that periodical surveys must be carried out upon vessels every five years, WRS Marine is always looking to expand upon its range of measurement capabilities in order to make the procedure as hassle-free for the customer as possible. This includes both ultrasonic thickness measurements (UTM) and advanced steel calculations for marine engineering – something that is generally required after a steel inspection survey has been carried out. The calculations that the company provides encompass all of the steel’s core qualities, such as dimensions, steel grade, thickness, weight and location. In addition, all items due for renewal will be accompanied with a detailed drawing of the item. As well as steel inspections and calculations, WRS Marine also offers coating calculations to assess structures necessary for coating work. This service provides all necessary information regarding the location that needs re-coating, and also the quantity and type of paint required. Similarly to the steel calculation procedures, this too comes with an engineer’s drawing to enhance the customer’s understanding.

In addition to these services, WRS Marine’s cathodic protection engineering department provides offshore and marine tailor-made designs in the form of CP calculations for sacrificial anodes and marine equipment, including impressed current (ICCP) and antifouling systems. The company has recently been developing a special design of ICCP system for the Offshore FPSO market. The antifouling systems that WRS Marine is responsible for supplying offer a wide range of types and anode sizes, for offshore, marine and harbours, or spare-part demands. MGPS control units are made to ensure that the intended vessel’s cooling systems are kept completely clear of any marine bio-fouling and corrosion, and so new-build, repair and retrofit items are supplied with copper and aluminium, and are coupled to the most advanced electronic modular panel. WRS Marine has a worldwide range of ICCP service engineers to solve clients’ CP problems wherever needed.

This vast portfolio of products and services will provide WRS Marine with the platform on which it can build, according to Ger, who elaborates on the areas that the company plans to expand into, and how it is poised for the future: “We have recently started looking into new services like remotely-operated inspection, which has the potential to revolutionise the way this kind of work is carried out. It will mean that the need for divers will be eliminated altogether, and can even give us access to areas that were previously unreachable. As the current economic situation remains unpredictable at best, every day brings a fresh and exciting challenge to us; and in order to succeed as a business, we will continue to operate with the positive and innovative approach is such a vital part of WRS Marine’s philosophy.”

WRS Marine

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