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The long haul

From its small beginnings in 1959, when it was established by Maurice Allely, the Allelys Group has grown into a major force in the UK’s road haulage industry.

Currently operating under the second generation management of David Allely, the Group now specialises on three main areas – general haulage, heavy haulage, and electrical and industrial installations and removals.

AHH 9 2011 bIn particular when it comes to moving heavy, or abnormal, loads, Allelys Heavy Haulage is one of the country’s leading specialists. Through a combination of over 20 years experience in undertaking such movements, and an extensive range of equipment, the company is well placed to advise on all aspects of this work. “We began life as a transport company, but over time this has developed into heavy engineering, lifting, and other service offerings as well,” begins David. “As such we can take on full turnkey projects, whether it be major equipment delivery, a factory relocation, or decommissioning and recommissioning.”

Although most strongly rooted in its home market from its Warwickshire base, Allelys is also meeting the European markets needs for competitive and efficient haulage transport “We used to service the UK fabrication business within oil and gas, but as this market has dwindled, we have entered what is effectively a new market for us. This is quayside fabrication, and structural load outs of infrastructure such as topsides, which as well as the renewable energy market, also ties into the oil and gas industry,” comments David.

In the case of the offshore sector, many of the requirements are for more specialist lifting and transport equipment, which has prompted Allelys Heavy Haulage to invest in self propelled modular trailers (SPMT). When it comes to modular trailers, the company only uses Goldhofer products, as the world’s leading supplier of this type of equipment. The recently purchased SPMT’s are fully compatible with the company’s existing equipment and can be combined with the modular trailers to provide lift capacity of up to 1500 tonnes.

Equally, Allelys Heavy Haulage’s long experience with this notable brand, together with its wide range of girder frames, deck and axle units, enables it to provide the perfect trailer combination. This includes semi-extendable trailers of up to 90 tonnes, low loaders with a capacity of 120 tonnes, 400 tonne girder trailers, and extendable flat and wind turbine blade trailers of up to 48 metres in length. The company also operates the UK’s largest fleet of specialised rail carriers, specifically designed and manufactured based on its expertise in the sector.

Within its General Transport division Allelys maintains a similarly varied fleet of trailers, such as curtain siders, bulk liquid containers, step frames, and Hiab crane deliveries. The final business area, installations, boasts a heavy lifting capability of up to 150 tonnes, hydraulic gantries of 200, 400 and 500 tonne capacities, and a wide range of mobile cranes, sliding, skidding and jacking equipment. In particular this division specialises in sheet metal and forging presses, steam boilers, transformers, and generators.AHH 9 2011 c

These fleets of modern vehicles are regularly maintained in Allelys own extensive on-site workshops to guarantee reliability, and come equipped with live satellite tracking to ensure a fast service to its customers. “As part of the development of the company, we have obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard, as having held ISO 9001 for some time we wanted to upgrade this to a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) registered qualification. We are also fairly close to achieving ISO 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety. Particularly in the oil and gas, and electrical businesses it is important that we are up to speed with all legislation and standards, so this development places us in a stronger commercial position,” explains David.

Investment has been one of the key contributing factors to Allelys 50 years of success – both in terms of staff expertise and quality of equipment. As a result the business is able to offer more than just simply the supply of equipment to its clients. One such demonstration of this is Allelys’ project engineering capability, where in liaison with civil designers the company integrates lifting solutions within building design. This complete scope incorporates worldwide shipping, coastal solutions including barge operations, feasibility and route studies, and even wind farm logistics.

As a foundation-to-foundation service, Allelys undertakes full management of the delivery route, either in the UK, or on a global basis. One successfully completed project involved the shipment of a 286 tonne generator transformer to the US. Allelys arranged for route clearance from the manufacturers premises to the UK docks, and then carried out delivery using its 370-tonne Goldhofer girder trailer. The company even oversaw the subsequent shipment using a heavy lift vessel to Cleveland where the transformer was sent by railcar to its Ohio power plant destination, and arranged for final discharge through a reliable American partner.

Recently Allelys commissioned a new 12,000 square foot fully insulated storage building, complete with 45-tonne overhead crane. This has enabled the business to offer a further line of business in comprehensive storage solutions for everything from pallets up to heavy plant equipment of 120 tonnes. In particular this is focused on heavy electrical items, dies and machinery, but also general warehousing and bundled storage if required. A range of handling facilities is also available on site including forklifts of up to 27-tonnes, mobile cranes, and hydraulic lifting gantry’s and self propelled trailers – each with a 500-tonne capacity respectively. All storage is contained within Allelys secure monitored yard, and offered under Road Haulage Association (RHA) warehousing conditions.

Whilst 2011 hasn’t represented the best year for Allelys, the company is confident of stronger signs of market recovery from 2012. With ambitions simply fixated on maintaining its leading position in the transport and haulage industry, David concludes with Allelys strategy for the next few years: “We are placing more focus on major contracts and taking on complete turnkey projects by working with EPC contractors. Essentially we are looking to offer complete project services across all of our targeted industries.”

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