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Issue 10 2010

Lifting expectations

As part of the globally renowned Bergen Group, Bergen Group Dreggen is founded on generations of expertise in the international oil and gas market.

With origins dating back to 1987 when engineers from Munck Offshore formed the company, the organisation has grown substantially in its 20-year history, becoming part of the Bergen Group and achieving a 250 million NOK turnover in 2009. A workforce of over 65 engineers from 15 different countries delivers the company’s expert range of crane products to customers based throughout the world while production facilities in Poland, Lithuania, Korea and China add to its international influence.

With a focus on the manufacture and design of slewing cranes for the marine industry as well as rail travelling cranes for the offshore industry, the organisation’s portfolio is ideally tailored to the requirements and challenging environments of its broad client base. Every element and component of the cranes is designed specifically by Bergen Group Dreggen and lifting capacities range from 500 to 400,000 kilograms depending on specification. For the offshore industry, the company delivers leading hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic and electrically operated BOP handling cranes, X-mas tree handling cranes, offshore pedestal and deck cranes for use in the explosive areas of installations, while the marine sector delivers engine room cranes, monorail and general provision handling cranes, service cranes and hose handling cranes.

The company has supplied cranes to the offshore industry since its first delivery to the Frigg and Statfjord fields just outside Norway in 1978. The range of products in this arena have evolved from standard travelling cranes to custom built explosion proof electro-hydraulically operated BOP handling cranes that boast separate hoist units and options to either operate separately or together with an electronic interconnection. Bergen Group Dreggen’s highly experienced teams of engineers utilise 3D Inventor programmes for design and STAAD III for structure analysis to ensure that the cranes are not only efficient but all meet documentation demands and certificates. ISO 9001 working standards are also maintained throughout operations and the company has played a major role in the development of a Norwegian alternative for BOP, pipe and X-mas tree handling cranes.

Every piece of equipment manufactured by Bergen Group Dreggen can be adapted and manufactured for work in potential explosion and hazard areas. As an example, the company combines state-of-the-art technology with its own-brand Dreggen line of explosion proof wire rope hoists and cranes that are produced to provide the safest high-performance lifting tool of heavy-duty design in the market. The insistence on quality and compact features has made the portfolio of hoists and cranes into multi-purpose lifting units that are easily adaptable to almost any environment. These heavy-duty offshore cranes require minimum maintenance and space with the rugged construction design providing increased utilisation and reduced overall building costs for customers. Gantry cranes, pump storage racks, offshore deck cranes and miscellaneous lifting equipment packages are all part of Bergen Group Dreggen’s ever-evolving and comprehensive product offering.

In addition to unrivalled expertise, the organisation’s operations are backed up by cutting edge facilities that include modern office, workshop and warehouse space just outside the centre of Bergen. The in-situ crane capacity is supplemented by an adjacent deepwater quay and a test base for slewing cranes, making it an ideal location for all of Bergen Group Dreggen’s activities. Moreover, connections with other Bergen Group subsidiaries and its global network have proven to be highly beneficial to the company’s coverage and access to industrial expertise and research.

International ambition has also been facilitated by links to the Bergen Group and in April 2010 the organisation announced the opening of a new sales office in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. This facility has been established in co-operation with Noreq, another Norwegian company known for its supply of quality marine equipment to both the offshore and shipping industry worldwide. This venture for a local office in Brazil was spurred by the increasing activity and development of new fields in this area that have resulted in the greater demand for specialised equipment. While the office will gain Bergen Group’s ability to better serve existing and new clients in the area, Bergen Group Dreggen will also use it as a base for after sales and service functions within the South American region.

In line with this strategic move to penetrate new markets, Bergen Group Dreggen and Noreq will also collaborate to strengthen presence in Asia with Singapore being a particular area of emphasis for potential business activity. Having forged lucrative relationships with oil and gas market leaders such as Aker Kvaerner, StatoilHydro, Maersk, ConocoPhillips, BP and ABB, the company has its sights set on continued growth and product development alongside industry evolvements and demands.

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