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Issue 06 2012

Equipped to succeed

One of the largest and well-established rental companies operating in the Gulf region, Byrne Equipment Rental has, for more than 30 years, been a driving force in the development of the region’s equipment rental market with what is regarded as one of the most diverse fleets of plants and equipment from a single supplier.

Ever insistent on providing the utmost quality and service in all that it does, a value that has been fundamental in its growth and development, Byrne Equipment Rental today represents the preferred solution for its many customers in the oil and gas industry.

“Business over the past year has been good for the company, most noticeably in relation to the stability of the oil and gas market, particularly when compared to the peaks and troughs experienced in previous years,” explains Graeme Clack, chief executive officer of Byrne Equipment Rental. “In that time Byrne has been able to continue to achieve strong growth in Saudi Arabia and resume its business activities as normal in Oman. In the meantime it has seen the scale of its contracts and customer base from the oil and gas sector increasing, thus resulting in the company investing an increasing amount of capital into its exploits in this field.”

With offices and depots already in operation across the region, the company is in the process of opening new facilities to meet the growing needs of its clients: “Byrne Equipment Rental currently has operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman and across Saudi Arabia, with depots in Jubail, Khobbar, Yanbu, Riyadh and, shortly, in Jeddah,” Graeme continues. “Saudi Arabia is unquestionably showing strong growth in all markets, something that is reflected in Byrne’s business. This trend is also now taking hold in the Indian Ocean port areas of the UAE, with the company due to open a new depot in Fujairah, and Oman.

“In addition to all this, both Byrne and its sister company, Spacemaker, are now able to pursue and secure work in Southern Iraq. A very important, long-term market, Southern Iraq has so much to offer, yet it is still very much a fledging market. Such is its significance that the company truly views this part of the world as being instrumental to the next phase of its own development.”

It is the universal opinion of its client base that it is its people and standards of service that set Byrne Equipment Rental apart from its competitors. Working in close partnership with said clients to better understand both their current and future needs, the company then builds its own product range and adapts its services to satisfy those requirements, rather than simply offering a standard, rigid suite of services. This is a business method that has already proven to be hugely successful and is one that Byrne Equipment Rental will continue to utilise as it aims to achieve continued growth.

Part of this growth strategy also involves the opening of Byrne Oilfield Rentals, a specific division that will target existing and potential customers in the oil and gas industry: “For as long as Byrne has been in business it has been a fixture within the oil and gas sector,” Graeme highlights. “Despite this it has recently come to the decision that it needs to start treating the sector with the special attention it deserves.

“The company has increasingly found that its oil and gas customers require a different type of service and have a need to talk to people who understand their language and can provide them with the exact type of equipment for the task at hand. All too often customers have been presented with compromises by general rental companies. To counteract this, Byrne has employed specialists to lead the sales effort of its new division, while at the same time adding new equipment to its fleet. The expectation of the company is that, based on performance, it will become an automatic choice for equipment rental in the oil and gas sector, rather than just a peripheral player.”

As it looks to add new units specific to the oil and gas market, Byrne Equipment Rental and its Oilfield Rentals division are co-operating closely with those companies that help define standards in each of the region’s oil and gas producing areas, providing sample equipment to ensure it gets its fleet perfect. Investment in this new venture is expected to be ongoing and will run to a substantial amount in due course.

“Power remains a considerably big issue for the region in which the company operates, and therefore is an area that continues to be of particular focus for Byrne,” Graeme says. “The company continues to pursue and secure package power units across the region, typically up to 25MW packages, for any environment including factories, residential developments, hospitals and, of course, refineries.”

The great team that the company has assembled over the years has no doubt contributed significantly to its success, however it is a fact that continual growth demands routine additions to a company’s skills base. Fortunately Byrne Equipment Rental has been lucky enough to bring some first-class people into the business in recent months.

“This is just one of many reasons why Byrne has every right to be extremely positive about the next few years,” Graeme enthuses. “While the strong growth currently being witnessed across Saudi Arabia and Oman helping to consolidate its home markets, the stage is set for Byrne to take a big step in the Southern Iraqi market. Taking a strong stake here will then go a long way towards gearing the business up to respond more readily to overseas contracts, wherever they may be in the years to come.”

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