Issue 05 2012

Playing it safe

A world-leading supplier of products and systems for safety, navigation and environmental applications, grouped together in its marine and safety business division, Consilium is also renowned for offering quality automation solutions and fire and safety systems, primarily to the oil and gas industry.

Guided by its principle of helping protect people, material values and the environment, Consilium boasts a presence in the world’s most important shipbuilding, shipping and oil and gas locations. With a global sales and service organisation present in 19 countries, the company also has contracted sales and service representative in more than 50 nations.

“Today, there are a number of hot spots all around the world where the company is finding business levels strong and sustained,” states Nicklas Bergström, technical and strategic marketing director of Consilium Safety division. “As well as serving the cruise vessel market from its office in the US, the company has become well established in serving ship owners in some of the major developing regions, including China, Korea, Singapore and the Middle East. Meanwhile, Europe remains an important market and one where the company has a lot of resources based.”

Of the various different marine safety systems the company provides, there are several types of solution that it is seeing particularly strong demand for in 2012: “Sales of fire detection solutions are certainly one of the strongest facets of the business at present, while Consilium is due to launch a new gas detection system in the Autumn that it expects will go on to be one of its most requested systems,” Nicklas continues. “As well as possessing the unique capability of being analogue adjustable, this new system will possess loop fed detectors. Normally such detectors operate on a branch system, which means in the event of a cable break all of them are lost. The loop feed system eliminates this issue and provides the user a higher level of safety during installation.”

Another recent key development for the company has come from its Italian radar division, which has developed a cutting edge oil spill detection (OSD) system, aimed at improving a users detection capability in order to reduce response times and limit the consequences. Designed in full accordance with the most recent industry requirements, the international experience of Consilium in developing radar systems and first-class marine safety and navigation equipment allows it to offer a modern solution that puts the end user in a leading position when it comes to oil spill monitoring.

In order to free up people to perform other tasks, automatic features have been specifically implemented into the Consilium OSD system with the aim of improving system efficiency, regardless of operator monitoring. This OSD radar application is made bespoke in order to face typical operational issues, including automatic oil spill detection, automatic slick location, slick contour identification, slick tracking and remote monitoring. The OSD system can also use existing x-band radar or a dedicated radar sensor, making it a cost effective solution for a number of ship owners.

“Equally as important as its cutting-edge solutions and products is the level of overall service the company provides each and every one of its customers. Since day one Consilium has never looked at business from one perspective, nor has it concentrated on serving only shipyards or owners. Rather it has always endeavored to provide an industry-leading offering to both customer categories, something that has been the key to its long-term success,” Nicklas enthuses. “These characteristics have remained at the heart of the business as Consilium has built its network of companies and agents around the world and still help define the way it serves its customers.”

It is because of its forward-thinking approach and uncompromising commitment to quality that Consilium can boast accomplishments such as its recent naming as the preferred supplier of fire detection solutions for A.P. Moller-Maersk: “At the heart of this particular relationship is A.P. Moller-Maersk’s desire to have a strong, reliable supplier of quality systems, one that is able to take a full picture approach to its work. This is exactly how Consilium likes to conduct its business and it certainly says a lot about the company that its relationship with A.P. Moller-Maersk, which has existed for the better part of 15 years, is still going from strength-to-strength,” Nicklas says.

Casting an eye towards the years ahead, there is only one direction Nicklas sees the company going and that is forward: “There are so many things Consilium wants to accomplish in the next several years. The business plan it has in place aims to make it the leading supplier of its kind in the marine and offshore sectors, driving business forward by being the very best at providing its customers with the services they require.

“While it increases its foothold in its traditional markets, Consilium will also continue to expand across the world into rapidly developing markets such as Brazil. Increasing its reach, improving product offerings and the overall quality of its operations is the general aim of the company today as it strives to come through the downturn experienced by the marine sector in recent times stronger and better than ever before.”

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