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A new beginning

May 2011 proved to be an exciting month for JDR Cable Systems, as on May 2nd, global conglomerate Fugro reached an agreement with JDR Cable Systems (Netherlands) Ltd to acquire JDR Cable Systems Holdings Netherlands BV and its marine cable subsidiary JDR Cable Systems BV, together comprising JDR’s Marine Cables division.
The division will be renamed ‘De Regt Marine Cables’. De Regt Marine Cables will design and produce marine cables for the geophysical (airgun umbilicals, lead-ins) and defence (towed arrays) market segments. Its facility is based close to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and the division has around 110 employees. The division will operate as an independent unit and aims to further develop its current range of products and services and to continue the supply to all its clients.

Already boasting an established track record under the JDR name, De Regt Marine Cables’ products are renowned throughout the world. In use throughout the international seismic and DRMC 7 2011 boceanographic industry and naval defence sector De Regt’s marine cables support a diverse range of applications. Each cable is custom-engineered and manufactured in-house to exacting standards and proven for operation in the most challenging of environments. Combined with a commitment to lifecycle customer service, it’s easy to see why De Regt should remain the industry’s global ‘Partner of Choice’ for marine cable products.

Marine seismic data acquisition cable systems are one of the areas where De Regt will continue to focus its efforts. Indeed, its custom-engineered marine seismic data acquisition cable systems and products are in use on all major seismic and survey fleets, engineered and manufactured to exacting standards and proven for operation in the most challenging of environments.

Another area in which De Regt Marine Cables has seen great success is on defence towed array systems. De Regt’s custom engineered cables combine maximum strength with minimum diameter to enable efficient data and power transmission whilst surviving repeated duty cycles over long periods, and typically in very harsh conditions.

De Regt Marine Cables is also active in the field of Work Class systems. The designs and manufacturing processes are optimised to give high flexibility, good durability, neutral buoyancy and minimum drag; all of these aid vehicle manoeuvrability, thus combining heavy duty tooling and specific sensing options. For this type of survey vehicle De Regt focuses on developing one-off special solutions for harsh tow environments. Also offered is the integration of these products in a turnkey package, including handling systems.

De Regt Marine Cables has a long history of producing reliable surface to seafloor Multiplex (Mux) Control Cables for deep-water Blow-Out Preventer (BOP) applications. De Regt Mux BOP Cables are manufactured from high quality raw materials, with in-process testing and evaluation throughout the entire manufacturing process. The company conducts extensive factory acceptance testing (FAT) on all cables prior to shipment.

The Mux cable designs also incorporate data transmission through the use of fibre optics. Alternative designs provide data transmission using more traditional twisted shielded quads. The Mux cables are field proven to have an extremely long mean time between failure (MTBF) and require little or no intervention during service. Combined with extensive design and fabrication experience, De Regt has the ability to offer a complete reel and cable package for most BOP Mux control cable applications. The organisation’s modular reel designs allow for a range of optional equipment to be fitted to one standard design. These standard reels can be easily upgraded to meet more demanding project requirements as needed. Each design shares common main components making spares interchangeable and minimising the spare parts inventory.

De Regt Marine Cables
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De Regt Marine Cables