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Issue 08 2011

Good under pressure

Located in Harelbeke, Belgium, Geldof Metaalconstructie is a leading European supplier of industrial components and turnkey projects for the storage, handling and processing of bulk solids, liquids and gases.

In particular, the business has a strong reputation in the engineering and realisation of dry bulk handling installations, storage tanks, pressure vessels, flue gas treatment, and many other special projects. As a result, Geldof is able to offer clients in Europe and other parts of the world A2Z solutions that are renowned for their quality, functionality and durability.

These activities are complemented by those of its sister company – G&G International. Also based in Belgium, G&G is a world leader in the engineering and fabrication of large sized and heavy walled pressure vessels such as columns, reactors, drums, spheres and bullets, and storage tanks. The company is also recognised in the offshore wind farm sector, as well as a multitude of other industries requiring heavy metal and complex engineered solutions.

Both businesses primarily serve the global oil, gas and energy industries, through EPC contractors and intermediate companies, and the end user directly. In order to fully address the wide diversification of activities on offer, Geldof and G&G are organised into business units each focusing on an individual company concern. Whilst the exportable nature of G&G’s activities means that it is present across the globe, Geldof is most notably a market leader in its home market of Western Europe, among others in the field of tank storage.

As such, Geldof’s project scope ranges from the delivery of individual tanks of up to 100,000 m3 volume and more, to full scale large tank farms and tank maintenance solutions. These are designed according to international standards and codes and available in a range of materials including carbon steel, special alloys, and stainless steel. Whilst Geldof has a wide experience in the fabrication of field-erected tanks, it can also completely shop-fabricate tanks to be shipped for final mounting on site. This helps to reduce any impact on the client’s standard production activities. Furthermore, the company’s ability to deliver a complete A2Z solution means not only that each tank can be supplied items such as ancillary appendages, ladders, and platforms but also that Geldof includes civil works, piping, E&I and other services in the scope of supply.

It is perhaps no surprise then that Geldof was the supplier of choice for the 48 storage tanks that make up the unique Amsterdam port project, under tank terminal operator Vopak. Elaborating upon this major project, CEO Rudy Platteau says: “We are now in the process of constructing Europe’s largest tank farm project, which will offer a total of 1.3 million m3 of oil storage capacity to the market. Currently, we are now finishing phase one of this delivery, with 27 tanks ranging in size from 40,000 m3 to 2000 m3. Phase two, which consists of 21 vertical cylindrical storage tanks, is expected to be completed by early 2012.”

Other notable projects demonstrate the wider spread of the organisation’s activities, as highlighted by marketing manager Pieter Van Acker: “A few years ago G&G successfully built and delivered a FCC Reactor-Regenerator, as well as two polyethylene reactors, to Aramco’s integrated petrochemical site in Saudi Arabia. At the time these were the largest reactors of their kind in the world. We are also strong in FCCU head replacements, which again can be shipped preassembled.

“However we are not just present in the oil and gas industry, Geldof and G&G are equally recognised in the renewable energy markets. This includes offshore wind farm foundations, and the supply of process equipment and storage tanks to the biofuel energy market. We’re also designing and constructing some of the first biomass handling projects at power plants, which are today considered as successful reference projects for the rest of the industry. As you can see, we try to remain strong in the markets where we have a long history such as pressure vessels, but equally we also look to diversify into other businesses and types of application, where we have been very successful in recent years.”

Within G&G’s structure, the organisation also boasts a specialised steel service centre, which enables it to carry out prefabrication works on plate material. Using various grades of steel plate as a base, G&G designs, cuts, marks, bevels, and forms the material, as well as assembling, welding and finishing as required. Through this facility, the company has successfully supplied nine per cent nickel material for the construction of many of the LNG tanks installed across the world.

Recognised as one of the region’s fastest growing organisations, earlier this year Geldof was awarded the ‘Trends Gazellen’ certificate for the third year in a row, which recognises companies that embrace competitive entrepreneurship. G&G also received similar recognition in 2010. As a relatively small company operating in a global market, this serves as an important validation of the businesses’ philosophy – ‘We create, we commit, we act, and we care.’ Each of these principles helps to drive excellence, a world-class performance, commitment, and expertise into every project.

“Our growth is not attributed to a single factor,” explains Pieter. “In fact we focus on three core aspects – market penetration, geographic market development, and product innovation. It is this combination that enables us to progress as an organisation, by reacting flexibly to the changing demands of each business unit. We recognise the importance of the successful completion of every project, and so we work to ensure we have the competence, methodology and drive to achieve these results.”

By not relying on one single market sector, both Geldof and G&G are able to react to market developments, as well as diversify in line with niche opportunities. Not only does this strategy help support the business during market downturns, it also forms the foundations of its overall future approach: “As a business we want to continually grow, but in a sustainable way, as opposed to just growing for the sake of it. This means that we look at the market, where are customers are going, developments in both geographical and diversification terms, and the subsequent possibilities these bring. We also focus on product innovation and process projects, which enable us to maintain this level of activity.

“Whilst we are looking at a forward horizon of 2018/2023, we are also in the process of finalising a five-year plan that addresses the short-term future. Within this we have a clear business plan, not only based on the market, but also our internal organisation in terms of areas like ICT and human resources,” concludes Rudy.

Geldof Metaalconstructie nv
Products: Storage tanks and pressure vessels, dry bulk handling projects

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Geldof Metaalconstructie nv