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Issue 04 2011

Optimum efficiency

Reaping the benefits of a history that dates back to the late 1920s, Hamworthy Svanehøj is a leading name in the supply of specialist equipment and services to the marine, oil and gas and industrial sectors.

As part of the world-renowned Hamworthy plc group of companies the organisation is recognised as a market leader in its field, while gaining advantages from increasing global coverage and production facilities. Since its inception in 1928, the company has developed a proficiency in its core product area of deep well pump systems, evolving its offering to cover all elements of development, sales, procurement and manufacture, as well as the testing and servicing of pump equipment for enhanced efficiency and longevity of operation. Designed to provide reliability as well as competence, Hamworthy Svanehøj’s pump systems are ideally suited for operation onboard gas carriers, product tankers, chemical tankers and offshore installations.

With all of the major oil companies, FPSO operators, vessel designers and shipyards making up its list of references, Hamworthy Svanehøj is never short of business with activities spanning the globe from Brazil and west Africa to the Gulf of Mexico and west Australia. The organisation can count Petrobras, Total, Woodside, Modec and BW Offshore among its regular partnerships.

Henrik Sørensen, managing director of the company talks of the benefits of being part of the Hamworthy Group and how these translate to better solutions for customers: “Headquartered in Poole in the UK, Hamworthy employs over 1000 highly skilled staff to produce its vision of cutting edge marine and oil and gas technologies. For our business this means we can get involved in projects on a number of different levels and with a wider range of products than our counterparts. It also means that our customers have a wider selection and can be confident that we have the solutions to solve various challenges. Moreover, R&D is a vital element of the Hamworthy brand and we can rely on them to persistently invest in new products for the oil and gas industry.”

Hamworthy Svanehøj’s individual strengths come in the form of its high quality solutions that include deep well cargo, process, sea water lift, fire water and ballast water pumps, all of which meet the latest offshore standards and requirements. Optimum efficiency comes as standard across the range, while being electrically driven provides lower power consumption, higher reliability, easier installation and lower noise levels. Having delivered specialist deep well pumps to the industry for decades and grown in popularity in specific areas such as the LPG market, Hamworthy Svanehøj’s pumps have become the preferred product worldwide, while the company is now recognised as the brand of choice.

Most recently the organisation has added to its portfolio through the introduction of new OPC (offshore process and cargo) and DWS (deep well sea water lift) pumps. Both of these innovations are, amongst many other benefits, designed according to the internationally recognised offshore standard API610 and are part of the company’s dedication to ongoing R&D. Constant communication with clients is crucial for not only identifying the gaps in the market for product development, but also for forming strategic collaborations for the invention of modern solutions. As oil and gas activities head to deeper waters and harsher environments, Hamworthy Svanehøj is prepared to meet even the most arduous of conditions. All deep well pumps are designed for operation on FPSOs located in deep waters and the company is able to adapt its solutions for special requirements or installations in harsh conditions. Every project is assessed separately taking into consideration the operational demands and surrounding environment. Moreover, the investment into a unique testing tower eight years ago brought the opportunity to test and verify pump equipment for the offshore industry in full scale – a significant advantage when assessing the performance of pumps in operation.

Henrik highlights one of Hamworthy Svanehøj’s most recent and notable projects: “We have received an order from the Brazilian shipyard Engevix Construcões Oceânicas for electric driven cargo pump systems for eight FPSOs. These installations each have a storage capacity of 1.6 million barrels of oil and are in principle, assigned to various field developments in the pre-salt area of the Santos Basin. For each FPSO we will deliver 12 cargo pumps, two slop pumps, two ballast pumps and two emergency pumps, including switchboards and electric motors. The equipment will be delivered between 2012 and 2014.”

On the back of such impressive references, the company is looking to extend its presence in the oil and gas market, utilising the potential for sea water lift pumps and fire water packages on semi-submersibles and fixed platforms, while exploring the possibility for installations on clients’ land based facilities. “We anticipate that in five years time we will be further integrated into our chosen markets and our new OPC and DWS pumps will be widely accepted as the most efficient and advanced solutions available. Our focus on R&D will produce further innovations and additional products for the oil and gas market with an emphasis on safety, reliability, efficiency and environment,” Henrik concludes.

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