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“HCS Control Systems has grown steadily on a year-by-year basis and the key contributing factor behind this has been its aggressive push for sales and its increased trading levels overseas,” states Scott Drummond, sales manager of HCS Control Systems.

Formed in 1997, HCS Control Systems is a wholly owned private company with the primary aim of satisfying customer demand for the design, manufacture and assembly of instrumentation control packages. These hydraulic production, installation, workover and direct hydraulic control systems are delivered to companies working within the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry in Europe, South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, India and South East Asia.

“Back in 2008, HCS’ directors recognised business potential in the Asian market. Investment was made with the opening of HCSAP based in Kuala Lumpar Malaysia. This office became fully functional in June 2010 with various projects executed supplying hydraulic power unit products and umbilical reels to key clients. HCSAP now provides the company with the ability to begin targeting the Asian market. The opening of this Malaysian base allows HCS Control Systems to locally source companies or projects operating in the region, offering a manufacturing service out of Malaysia thus providing better engineering, manufacturing and logistical support. Next on the company’s list is expanding its business in Brazil where the industry is currently experiencing an increase in activity, something the company is very keen to get involved in.”

HCS 6 2011 cAnother contributor to the growth of the company is the introduction of new products. Recent developments include the design of electrical powered umbilical reels: “Standard reels are typically powered pneumatically or hydraulically, however more clients today are looking for electrical options, especially whilst operating in cold climates, where air/hydraulics are susceptible to freezing.” Scott explains. “It is because of technical developments like this that HCS Control Systems has gone to the effort of expanding its sales department to assist in developing the business on a global basis.”

There are a number of other essential services HCS Control Services provides, one of which is specialised automated welding. With an extensive library of pre-qualified welding procedures that cover a range of materials and sizes the company has the capability to orbital weld any products, autogenously and wire feed within its portfolio: “It is somewhat unique to the market that a company like HCS Control Systems undertakes these various methods of welding, but it is an expanding field within the industry and something the company already has a solid track record in,” Scott says.

HCS Control Systems has a very strong reputation amongst its clients for providing a fast track service where it is able to design, manufacture, test and deliver solutions in rapid time: “HCS Controls Systems Ltd has supported various clients on fast track projects for many years, the structure within HCSCSL allows for personnel and systems to be utilised in order to expedite key decisions, allowing no interruption to progress. HCS Control Systems Ltd doesn’t suffer from having the complex infrastructure and system barriers that are a feature of the bigger organisations. What this means is that when an order comes into HCS Control Systems it has the ability to execute the project straight away through an allocated team of engineers. These experts can take an existing design and modify it to suit the clients’ specifications and get it through the approval process quickly and professionally,” Scott enthuses.

Another strength of the company in Scott’s eyes is its ability to implement software on to a range of systems such as HPU PLC’s: “HCSCSL have a team of very experienced software engineers. The software engineers give the company the ability to control system programming on a wide range of units primarily used in HPU PLC systems in house or anywhere in the world. The company expert software engineers are able to work on multiple systems thanks to their in-depth knowledge and understanding.”

Looking back over the last four years, Scott ukhighlights that, even in the face of the global recession, HCS Control Systems has maintained a prominent position in the oil and gas sector: “The growth of the company increased dramatically in 2007 and even though 2008 was particularly challenging. The turnover achieved was still well above expectations. Despite the turbulent economy HCS Control Systems never once noticed a serious decline in the demand for its products and services, and from 2009 onwards there has been a continual increase in annual profits. Now in 2011 the projects that were put on hold during more uncertain times are starting to filter back through at the same time that new opportunities are being discovered.

“The company continues to move in the right direction and in order to make year-on-year growth a reoccurring theme HCS Control Systems will remain aggressive in the sale of its services as it looks to expand its client base. The goal today and in the years to come is to develop and broadcast the company on a global basis and it will go wherever oil is being produced.”

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