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Issue 10 2011

All in a name

On the 19th September 2011 the rebranding of Linde Pakistan Limited ushered in a new chapter in the company’s already long and rich history within Pakistan over the last 60 years.

Since its initial inception under the name Pakistan Oxygen and Acetylene Company, it has continued to deliver innovative, high quality and reliable solutions that create value for its customers.

In 1958 the company became publicly listed as Pakistan Oxygen Limited with 60 per cent of shares held by BOC Group holding, and 40 per cent by local shareholders. Then in 1995, it underwent a further name change to become known as BOC Pakistan Limited. This brand became universally recognised across all industries for quality and safety. Finally in 2006 the acquisition of the BOC Group by Linde AG saw the creation of a world leading global gases and engineering player – The Linde Group, with BOC Pakistan Limited falling under this new structure.

However, the company’s long history and brand equity associated with the BOC name meant that Linde Pakistan chose to defer its local rebranding for a few years, using that time to introduce the Linde name to its home market.

Yousuf Mirza, CEO of Linde Pakistan, sheds some light on the reasons behind the rebranding at this time: “Rebranding allows us to leverage the global Linde brand equity and competency as a world-leading supplier of industrial and medical gases and engineering solutions. Additionally there are many multinational corporations that are being served globally by The Linde Group, and we wished to reduce any market confusion by assuring them we are the same organisation, whether in Pakistan or elsewhere. This in turn enables us to use the global promotional and branding activities for local benefit without any brand confusion.

Another of our most important reasons to rebrand was that we wanted to reiterate to our employees that they are a part of a global industrial gases player. In fact moving under the blue Linde umbrella has boosted the energy within the organisation, as everyone works with a new zeal.”

Under this new name, Linde Pakistan is continuing to offer customers innovative technological solutions that are supported by the company’s local understanding of industry and business. It offers the widest range of gas product lines, including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, acetylene, helium, and speciality gas mixtures, to name just a few.

In order to cater for such a portfolio, Linde Pakistan’s facilities include air separation plants in Lahore, Port Qasim and Taxila, and carbon dioxide plants at Port Qasim and Multan. It has also installed electrolytic hydrogen and dissolved acetylene plants in the south and west regions of the country, and a state-of-the-art nitrous oxide plant to serve the healthcare sector. “We meet the significant and emerging needs of more than 6000 customers from the metal processing, manufacturing, fabrication, construction, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, glass and healthcare industries. The company has a strategic partnership with Lotte Pakistan PTA and also the country’s largest oil refinery Pak-Arab Refinery Company (Parco),” elaborates Yousuf.

Gas applications development is a key focus area for the business, with each customer receiving a complete solution of, not only the gas product itself, but also Linde Pakistan’s know-how, tailor-made hardware and customised services. The company also provides a range of related services including the installation of gas equipment, pipelines for industry and hospitals, and associated engineering. Furthermore, Linde Pakistan supplies welding solutions including consumables and equipments, where it is chosen by the largest companies in Pakistan for its quality and safety.

In 2010 Linde Pakistan announced that it would be establishing Pakistan’s largest air separation plant at Lahore, with a production capacity of 150 tonnes of oxygen, argon, and nitrogen each day. “This state-of-the-art plant adds to our capacity to serve the growing steel, glass, food, chemical, oil and gas, and medical industries in northern Pakistan with both liquid and gaseous products,” details Yousuf. “The development process is well underway and is being rigorously monitored to ensure the plant is commissioned by the first half of 2012.”

He continues: “This plant is a new milestone in our history of investing in the country and expands our footprint in Pakistan. With these additional volumes we shall be able to fulfil not only our customers’ present demands, but also any future requirements that arise.”

This additional capacity could already have a requirement in the market, as over the last few years Pakistan has seen greater investment by local and multinational companies alike. This has created new opportunities for Linde Pakistan’s gas application solutions resulting in strong business growth in 2010 and 2011. This is a situation that seems likely to continue thanks to Linde Pakistan’s strategic rebranding schedule and forward-thinking investment.

As the company moves into the next exciting stage of its future, Yousuf shares his thoughts on where those years will lead: “With the increase in investment in Pakistan we expect to see greater technology transfer, more stringent customer demands around safety and quality, and higher operational standards. Customers will also no longer just desire gas, but a complete gas and welding solution. By continuing to partner with local industry and anticipating any future needs, we aspire to double the size of the business within the next five years. With the strong backing of our parent company we are able to leverage innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions to further increase our footprint across the country.”

Linde Pakistan Limited
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