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Issue 09 2010

Industrial complex

The Ludan Group is a collection of companies that have extensive experience in an array of different industries including engineering, project management, procurement and construction, waste management, environmental solutions, plant optimisation and other industrial applications.

Headed by Israeli company Ludan Engineering Co, it also counts subsidiaries in Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania and has become a leading one-stop engineering shop for many industries.

Ludan Engineering was founded in 1977 and for the last 30 years has expanded its operations through the acquisition and establishment of multiple companies throughout Europe beneath the umbrella of the Ludan Group. Acquisitions include KH Engineering, Symcotech whilst established subsidiaries include regional Ludan Engineering firms, Ludan Tech incorporating Ludan Software and Control with Symcotech, Ludan Projects Darom and Ludan Environmental Technologies.

Nonetheless, even within the subsidiary of Ludan Engineering itself there is a wide range of expertise. The company is capable of operations in process plants along with tank farm design, oil storage and distillation, advanced control of refinery units, visbreaking, hydrode sulphurisation and sulphur recovery, plant utilities, and the survey and construction of natural gas networks. This wealth of experience enables it to provide innovative and efficient solutions that stretch beyond the remit of many other firms.

Furthermore, by integrating a wide range of specialisations and experiences from various firms, the Group aims to offer complete solution packages that satisfy the needs of its customers. Yehuda Sarid, co-general manager for Ludan Group, comments on the Group’s infrastructure: “The Group offers integrated solutions for industrial development, plant optimisation, environmental issues and a unique blend of services in the fields of engineering, software, process control, environment, energy and more. Ludan has gained a lot of experience in the detailed design of many other refinery units complying with international codes and standards.”

As CEO for the Group’s Eastern Europe division Dmitri Militesco explains, despite having many of its own subsidiaries Ludan sometimes works with other companies outside it’s own Group: “In order to meet our strategy of ‘Global Experience, Local Approach’ we even consider, from time to time, teaming up a local special task force or even subsidiary to one of our companies.”

An excellent example of the Group’s integrated approach was its involvement in the shut down of the Petromidia Refinery owned by Rompetrol. For this project, Ludan Engineering co-operated with Rominserve to provide a safe and efficient closure for the plant. Ludan’s work consisted of analysing and proportioning workload to the correct parties, work co-ordination, project management of everything from cost control to risk management, and overseeing the shut down and post-shutdown periods. The project took six months to complete.

It has also been involved in long-term contracts, such as Ludan Engineering’s expansion of the Haifa refinery in Israel. Beginning in 1992, it was responsible for the design and implementation of brand new plant information systems software and since 1995 has provided ongoing technical support to the present day. This includes the periodic upgrading of software, its extension into new areas of the plant and familiarisation of new employees. This 18-year partnership with the refinery displays the Group’s flexibility and capability to meet client needs over a long period of time.

In 2002, the Ludan Environmental Group was set up to expand the Group’s activities into areas of environmental solutions. The philosophy behind this company is to provide the best tailor-made engineering and technological solution to a customer based on available finance, geographic location and local regulation. Solutions available through the company include extensive environmental surveys, the treatment of wastewater, soil remediation management of underground water systems, the treatment of air pollution, sewage ponds rehabilitation and the design of waste disposal sites. Comprised of a number of different companies including Redan SDL Romania, LRE BV Holland, Aquapure and Lextran, its integrated approach is able to deliver solutions throughout the world.

As the global importance of environmental issues continues to grow the Group expects this sector to become one of its most important avenues of business in the coming years, alongside its already industries. Arnon Aharon co-general manager explains: “We definitely see opportunities to expand, both in the traditional engineering field, in which the oil and gas has always been a leading field for Ludan Group, and also in new emerging fields – environmental solution, renewable energies and the like.”

The future for the company looks bright. It is currently undertaking major contracts with the Israeli Natural Gas grid, for which it is providing design and construction supervision, and expansion design for Dead Sea Works, a mineral producing company that Ludan has been working with since 1992. These long-term partnerships, combined with ongoing short-term commissions and an incredibly deep, flexible infrastructure, look certain to guarantee the Ludan’s Group success in the years ahead.

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