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Issue 06 2011

Hot to handle

“The company was founded in 2000, with its first operation being the storage and handling of jet fuel in the Port of Gothenburg,” states Fredrik Lilja, president of Nordic Storage.

“Over the last decade the business has experienced rapid growth and today operates in more than 20 ports in five different countries, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and the UK. With a combined storage capacity of more than 2.5 million cubic metres the products stored include fuel oil, VGO, gasoil, diesel, biofuels and chemicals.”

Despite its surge in growth, Nordic Storage has retained the short decision-making processes that allow it to give fast, correct answers regardless of the time of day. Employing a handpicked team of dedicated and experienced people, the company endeavours to always give its customers the best possible service and response. It achieves this by providing continuous training and educational support to its employees, developing skills that also allow these individuals to grow within the organisation.

“Nordic Storage’s customer base includes international oil companies, traders, energy companies, biofuel producers and manufacturers and distributors of chemicals. Nordic Storage helps these businesses to safely and cost-effectively maintain contango-stocks, build bulk for distant destinations, break bulk, blend products in order to satisfy various market requirements, hold strategic or emergency stocks and distribute bulk liquids for domestic consumption,” Fredrik continues.

The guiding principle of the company’s philosophy is providing added value to all of its customers. AEO certified, this means that in addition to providing storage services, Nordic Storage helps its customers answer questions involving excise and bonded storage, whilst offering the efficient administration of related services. Always able to be reached by its clients, whether they are large or small companies, sensitivity to their wishes and requirements is extremely important and Nordic Storage works to develop creative and customised storage and logistic solutions to fit any requirement. Guaranteeing to handle all goods and products with the greatest possible care and in a first-class manner, Nordic Storage offers a successful overall solution, not just a tank or rock cavern.

One of the company’s ambitions is to play a leading role in raising, and finding solutions to, safety and environmental issues. Key to this is minimising the impact it has on the environment as much as possible. Collaborating closely and holding regular dialogues with the relevant authorities it works to improve and develop processes, routines and storage methods to achieve its goals. This also requires active participation in trade associations at a national and European level. A strong awareness of risk, combined with good working terminal standards and highly qualified personnel are prerequisites of a business where each employee is taught to be personally responsible for helping implement measures that improve the environment. Environmental consideration is today a natural part of Nordic Storage’s daily operations where it works to not only satisfy today’s demands, but also plans to meet the challenges of the future.

The company’s commitment to the environment and wider society was again shown back in August 2010 when Nordic Storage made a generous donation to support the Swedish Sea Rescue Society’s (SSRS) purchase of equipment and an environmental rescue barge for stationing on Norrkoping. This investment has enabled SSRS to more actively participate in the coastal and sea environmental rescue operations that take place in the region in the event of serious accidents. The rescue barge purchased by SSRS features floating oil booms that prevent oil spreading, anchors and other preventive applications, all operated by its volunteer crew.

“The European tank storage market has experienced sensational growth in the last several years and this has meant new terminals have been constructed in numerous countries, along with several refineries that have been, or are in the process of being, converted into storage terminals,” Fredrik says. “On the Baltic coast new export routes have occurred and previous throughput and export terminals now serve as storage terminals, rather than export outlets, increasing the competition between these sites in the region. To a certain extent the market demand was driven by an exceptionally deep contango locking in oil in tanks.

“No one knows for sure what the future will bring to those currently working within the oil and gas industry, however it is very likely that the exceptionally strong demand for tankage services that has been witnessed during recent times will soften. To prepare for this, and to maintain a leading position in the market, Nordic Storage will continue providing the very highest quality storage services for all of its customers and, whenever the right possibility arises, will look to expand the business into new geographical regions.”

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