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Issue 09 2011

Satisfaction built in

Located by the fjord and port of Stavanger, Norway, Randaberg Industries is perfectly positioned to service the offshore, marine and vessel industries that operate in the vicinity, and beyond.

It is perhaps no wonder then that the company has evolved from operations in a variety of mechanical work at its conception in 1946, to a leading position within engineering, fabrication and yard services.

The natural expansion and diversification of these activities over the years has given rise to the Randaberg Group, of which Randaberg Industries is one daughter company. Also operating within this structure is Randaberg Coating, a specialist in surface coating and painting, and Randaberg Havnelager and Randaberg Maritime, both of which operate as property holders renting out space at the Group’s yard.

“In particular we provide services to two different types of business – the SURF (subsea, umbilicals, risers and flowlines) market, which is primarily related to the offshore sector, and the bulk market. This forms approximately 30 per cent of our revenue and positions us as one of the major players in the international market for both bulk systems onboard vessels, and on- and offshore storage tanks. In line with this global status, we also have fabrication sites in China and Romania. At present we are bidding on approximately 36 vessel contracts, of which 27 are almost in hand, so we are looking forward to a bright future in this market,” enthuses Bjorn Kahrs, managing director of Randaberg Industries.

The company’s first storage tank was delivered to the Dutch oil industry in the early 1960s. Since that date, Randaberg Industries has fabricated numerous tanks for both onshore and offshore projects based upon a long-proven design. It has also provided fixed and floating installations with high quality and effective cyclones and complementary collector tanks. The cyclones remove cement and other powder products from the bulk vent-line through a hugely efficient process that has been specifically designed to include no rotating parts or filters.

Throughout its history Randaberg Industries has developed a key ability to fabricate tailor-made solutions of a very high quality, which are delivered on time and budget. For all projects the ultimate standard is to make its clients happy and satisfied. Therefore Randaberg Industries prides itself upon its team of highly skilled and experienced operators with many years of successful work in cutting steel, shaping, and welding solutions.

As such, Randaberg Industries has accumulated a solid competence in the fabrication of subsea structures, and subsequently delivered such equipment to numerous pipeline projects within the North Sea. By involving itself in such projects, Randaberg Industries also has crucial grounding in the appropriate welding of different qualities of steel for use in complex deepwater solutions. Much of the equipment the company deals in is designed for many years of use within harsh operating conditions, and often with high-pressure resistance requirements. Therefore such expertise plays an important role in the creation of fit-for-purpose solutions.

Alongside these two core business areas, Randaberg Industries has also made a name for itself in the fabrication of advanced steel structures, modules and skids. In the case of the former, the company has further developed its capacity by launching a joint co-operation with Malm Orstad AS. By combining Randaberg Industries’ fabrication facilities with Malm Orstad’s competence in controlling and hydraulics systems, the company is capable of providing a whole new scope of solutions to the energy industry.

In all of its operations, Randaberg Industries benefits from its enviable location, which is ideally situated for North Sea access. The sheltered water site includes Randaberg Industries’ own quayside, which can accommodate floating units, rigs and vessels as necessary. At present the business is engaged with companies such as Subsea 7 and Technip, as well as direct delivery to major oil corporations including Statoil, Marathon Oil, Eni and Talisman.

Having recently assumed the role of managing director, Bjorn elaborates upon his plans to drive further growth within Randaberg Industries: “We are currently looking to develop our facility through the addition of between 400 and 600 metres of new quayside. In terms of our current hardware investment plan, we have earmarked several million NOK of developments that will take place throughout the Group. We are also undertaking some research and development, and engineering activities with third-party companies to investigate ways of making the fabrication of products more efficient.”

However the vision doesn’t end there. Bjorn is also keen for Randaberg Industries to take better advantages of upcoming trends in the market – both under its own accord, and through strategic relationships: “Although we haven’t officially  confirmed the partners in question yet, we are developing a number of joint ventures within the engineering spectrum. This falls within our new blueprint to see Randaberg Industries gain a large portion of the more complex fabrication markets. We expect to achieve this by building upon our current market areas, but also engaging relationships with companies that operate within similar lines of business, but that are not in direct competition with ourselves.”

Randaberg Industries AS
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Randaberg Industries AS