Issue 06 2012

Regional focus

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, SapuraAcergy is committed to the regional offshore oil and gas industry in the role of engineering and construction contractor. The company is well positioned to lead the deepwater construction development that is taking place in the Asia Pacific region.

SapuraAcergy is an equal partnership between SapuraKencana Petroleum Berhad, one of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas service and solution providers, and Subsea7, a global leader in seabed-to-surface engineering and construction. It benefits from the individual expertise and capabilities of its parent companies, and builds upon their position in the global market. The company currently maintains a team of over 500 highly experienced engineers, project management, and support personnel that specialise in technologically sophisticated deepwater projects and decommissioning activities, as well as more conventional tasks.

With a vision of becoming the leading solution provider for deepwater construction in Malaysia, and throughout the entire Asia Pacific region, SapuraAcergy is keen to set the regional standard for quality project delivery. The company is committed to achieving client satisfaction through the highest quality standards, and the safe and timely execution of projects.

This best-in-class service is complemented by SapuraAcergy’s state-of-the-art asset – Sapura 3000. This dynamically positioned heavy lift and pipelay construction vessel is one of the most advanced units operating in the deepwater construction segment of the Asia Pacific region. The Sapura 3000 is also suited to conventional shallow water platform installations with a 3000ST lifting capacity. Its operational capabilities have been further enhanced with the installation of two work class ROV systems – the Acergy Core Vehicle (ACV), is one of the most advanced systems available and designed to support SURF, IMR and survey operations.

Earlier this year, SapuraAcergy, through its parent company Subsea7, was awarded a contract for LH4-1 Pipeline Installation and Pre-Commissioning Service on the Liu Hua oil field, the largest oil field in the South China Sea. The scope of work included installation engineering and the fabrication of installation aids such as A&R heads, pig launchers, receivers, pipeline end terminal (PLET) buoyancy aids, and other associated aids for pipe-in-pipe S-Lay installation.

After completing welding qualification, the Sapura 3000 was mobilised to China in March, to install 10.4 kilometres of rigid pipe-in-pipe, and two in-line 30 tonne PLET’s. The Sapura 3000 demobilised in Johor Bahru after successfully completing the project.

Over the years SapuraAcergy has been involved in many prominent deepwater construction projects in the Asia Pacific region. Of particular note is the company’s role in the development of the Kikeh Field, which was the first offshore deepwater development in Malaysia, with a water depth of 1450 metres. The Kikeh Gas Pipeline (KGP) system is the deepest rigid pipeline installed in the region to date, and a major milestone for both SapuraAcergy and Malaysia. This EPCIC project undertaken by SapuraAcergy includes the 138km, 12” diameter pipeline, pipeline end terminations, crossings and tie-ins.

SapuraAcergy is equally at home on more conventional projects made possible by the capabilities of the Sapura 3000. One such example is the Montara Field Development Project, which consists of the Montara, Swallow, Swift, and Skua fields off the northern coast of Australia. The operator PTTEP Australasia contracted SapuraAcergy for a package of works, consisting of engineering, procurement, load out, transportation and offshore construction activities related to the removal and disposal of the damaged Montara WHP topside. This work was followed by the transportation and installation of rigid pipelines, risers, umbilicals, spools, manifolds, an FPSO mooring system, and a new Montara WHP replacement topside.

SapuraAcergy has through planning and integrated services consistently delivered successful complex projects in harsh environments. Commitment to the client and attention to detail has contributed to the continued growth over the last six years and moved the company ever closer to obtaining its vision.

Services: Engineering and construction