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Issue 10 2010

Passion for filtration

Twin Filter B.V. is a Dutch company that is specialised in the design, engineering and production of filtration systems for a broad spectrum of industries, at home and abroad.

The company has it’s own manufacturing facilities, which produce standard filter consumables for liquid, air and gas applications, along with custom made products for OEMs.

One of the main priorities for Twin Filter is to ensure that a culture of quality extends throughout the organisation, from the working conditions, to the environment. This attention for quality led to the introduction of the Twin Filter Internal Qualitycare system, which has received the highly recommended ISO-certificate, and the VCA Certificate. In fact, in 2010 the quality management system was upgraded ISO 9001:2008 by Bureau Veritas. This will allow the company to grow and demonstrate to customers its commitment to providing quality filters. Twin Filter will remain committed to continually looking to improve systems and procedures to the benefit of all its customers and suppliers.

Twin Filter invests not only in developing its products, but always encourages, and supports personal development. Its employees receive training every year; this varies from communication training to VCA training, to time management. Furthermore the company encourages sporting activities. Sport is very important at Twin Filter, it keeps employees physically and mentally in good shape/health, and ensures a low absence. Five years ago, Wijbrand Schouten, managing director at the company, challenged his team to participate in the Amsterdam Marathon. Everyone completed this challenge but not all seemed to relish the activity. Wanting to encourage sport further in the business Wijbrand decided to challenge all employees again.

After a large campaign roughly 26 employees signed up for the Amsterdam Marathon run (around 65 per cent of the total staff of the head office in Zaandam) this year. On the 17th of October five people ran the marathon, ten people the half marathon and eleven people the eight kilometer run. In order to train the team, a special running coach, Marco Stijnman (Dema Sport and Health) was appointed. Twin Filter has three different divisions, one of them is the oilfield division, it is specialised in applications such as chemical injection, completion fluids filtration, high pressure, oily water treatment, polymer shearing, produced water treatment, seawater intake, waste water treatment, RO pre-filtration, gas filtration and water injection. It has an extensive reference list of performance and applications within its range and delivers common sense solutions to solve problems through experience and a hands-on approach. Twin Filter’s strong technical department is an added benefit for its valued customers. It also has at its disposal a very comprehensive list of suppliers from which its skilled engineers can choose the best available technologies for each application.

Among its wide range of oilfield filtration solutions, Twin Filter supplies bag filter units, cartridge and bag filter vessels, cartridge filter units, combi unit cartridge/bags, drinking water systems, filter presses, high pressure vessel/units, pre-conditioning oil-water separation technology, separation systems, ‘twinomatic’, vertical pressure leaf, auxiliaries and analysing equipment.

In addition, the company produces oilfield consumables, such as diatomaceaous earth, absolute pleated filters, filter bags, nominal rated filter cartridges, oil absorption filter cartridges and several other options.

Twin Filter is always looking for better solutions and is constantly developing its products. Recently it improved its absolute filter cartridge. This now fully thermally welded glass fibre cartridge has proven itself and has become the standard for major service companies all over the world. The thermally welded cartridge removes high dirt loads and can withstand a high differential pressure and high temperatures.

In order to offer even more customers a local service and offering, Twin Filter (The Netherlands) founded ‘Twin Filter do Brasil’ in 2004. It started importing consumables from the Netherlands to sell locally to its clients. Importation to Brazil can be complicated, but with local stock it can serve clients more effectively.

In 2008 Petrobras did a tender for three large filtration contracts, and the first order was awarded to Twin Filter. Twin Filter manufactured all the equipment in the Netherlands, while Twin Filter do Brasil manufactured and supplied the diesel-driven pump sets and consumables. The second contract required multiple filter units and half the quantity was successfully manufactured in Rio de Janeiro.

Furthermore Shell Brazil placed an order for two filter packages (one purchase and one rental) for treatment of slopwater at the FPSO Fluminense. Both packages were 100 per cent locationmanufactured at its facilities in Rio de Janeiro. This facility can now provide customers with start-up, commissioning, project engineering, up-grade of existing systems, on-site training of operator and business development managers and sample analyses.

Twin Filter offers rental services. all systems are available for rental, and usually from stock. It also offers rental and lease/purchase agreements for equipment especially designed to clients’ specifications. In addition, Twin Filter is on call 24 hours a day, every day, and equipment can be shipped out the same day.

The company also prides itself on great teamwork and enthusiasm. Its engineers are highly trained and experienced and are ready to assist customers at any time and location.

Twin Filter has been servicing the oilfield industry for 25 years and is one of the leaders in offering solutions in almost all applications in the oilfield industry. If it continues the growth it has had for the last 25 years it is certain that Twin Filter will become a global market leader in its industry.

Twin Filter
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Twin Filter