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Issue 07 2010

Protecting interests

With origins dating back to the 1920s, when Lars Wenaas started a clothing production line in the Norwegian village of Måndalen, Wenaas UK is a truly expert manufacturer of work wear and personal protective equipment (PPE) providing a complete PPE solution.

Through three generations of family ownership, the international Wenaas division has maintained its manufacturing expertise, complimented by a focus on portfolio development that has enabled it to become the single source partner it is today. Continuous innovation is supported by a wide spread supply chain and global influence that spans Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, North and West Africa, the Middle East and the US.

As a renowned expert in its field the company benefits from a high profile in a number of different industry sectors including utilities, petrochemical, shipping, food, farming, manufacturing, transport and logistics but primarily in the global oil and gas sector. In the UK, Wenaas UK is a strong and leading supplier to the offshore oil and gas industry utilising its strategic distribution sites in Aberdeen, Great Yarmouth, Tyne and Wear and West Midlands, complimented by the Export division which is the primary support for global oil and gas clients. This ensures that the company can offer a swift and efficient service.

For the last five years the organisation has operated as an official division of Europe’s leading work wear manufacturer, the Kwintet Group, following an acquisition by the private investment company Industri Kapital in 2005. The Kwintet Group employs over 3000 people in Europe, North America and Asia, while its headquarters remain in Malmo, Sweden. The Group has brought a number of additional capabilities to Wenaas UK especially with regards to manufacturing capacity, having expanded sites in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, China and North Africa to facilitate the company’s need to offer optimum services to its wide client base of major end-use customers.

Offering one of the most comprehensive clothing portfolios in the industry, the company’s work wear and PPE offering covers everything from ear and eye protection to high visibility and skin protection. As well as general work wear, Wenaas UK also plays an essential part in the safety of personnel within challenging environments, supplying specialist solutions such as respiratory, flame retardant and fall arrest equipment for those at greater risk. Besides its standard offering, the bespoke service guarantees that customers receive all elements they need within one complete product.

The MSA S-Cap Emergency Escape Smoke Hood, one of the design team’s latest creations, is especially designed to protect those endangered by smoke and gas generated by fire – most notably carbon monoxide. The S-Cap smoke hood provides effective protection for eyes, head and particularly the respiratory tract, while for those wearing spectacles the pulling on of the hood is fast and easy. The built in filter protects against smoke, carbon monoxide, acrolein, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide and sulfur dioxide, providing at least 15 minutes more time for self-rescue in a fire situation. Available in four different packs to be installed either on a wall or to be carried in a pouch, the S-Cap boasts a guarantee of being four years maintenance free and has a maximum shelf life of ten years. A new gas detector, fireman’s helmet, Kneepadz range and ear defenders have also been added to the product range, enhancing original designs and meeting all of the latest industry standards for both quality and safety credentials.

All of these developments have taken place in a time of economic uncertainty and one of Wenaas UK’s greatest achievements occurred last year when it gained a major project from National Grid. Significantly aiding the company in beating the recession, the contract was confirmed in August 2009 for the deliverance of PPE and work wear worth over £1.8 million annually. Speaking at the time, managing director Richard Wright commented that the project was “a bright shining light in the current gloom of the global economic decline and confirms my long held belief that there is always growth to be had, somewhere. Winning this major contract is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our bid management team and undeniably confirms Wenaas UK as the market leader in the utilities segment. With the expertise and dedication of all the Wenaas UK staff, we will continue to seek out pockets of growth within this and all other markets.”

Whether working offshore, in the arctic, desert or tropical heat, the company has a proven and tested solution to meet all client demands. Throughout the portfolio, product recommendations are designed to advise on climate, quality, comfort, cost efficiency and work requirements, while customers benefit from the LGS (local global supply chain) concept ensuring they gain access to the essential work wear they need wherever they are in the world. Wenaas UK has always adhered to the vision of setting standards for the industry not only with regards to the design and manufacture of quality clothing ranges, but also in terms of product knowledge, environment understanding, cost-effectiveness and speed of response. Offering added value services to its core client base ensures the company remains at the forefront of the market and over the coming years it is set to cement this position through its continuous focus on enhanced and innovative design.

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