Apex Directional Drilling

There are many companies in the drilling industry that can be described as “jack of all trades, master of none.” In their attempts to be all things to all customers, many of these companies lose focus on their core competencies and ultimately their services suffer. With every additional service these companies offer, the things they truly excel at are pushed further into the background.

On the other hand, Apex Directional Drilling of Portland, Ore., makes it clear that it’s devoted to what it does best. The company is fixated on keeping its focus squarely on providing the best service possible. “Focus helps us achieve our goal of being the best at what we do,” the company says. “With less than 100 full-time associates nationwide, Apex is only a drilling company, and we believe we are the best in our category at drilling.

“We believe it is really hard to be the best in the world at anything, but we believe we are the best at horizontal directional drilling through all kinds of substrates because drilling is our only business and it is our passion,” the company adds.

Founded in 1993 by President and CEO Mike Lachner and his wife, Carol, Apex Directional Drilling has become a trusted name in the directional drilling industry. The company has served as a subcontractor for some of the nation’s largest contractors, and also has served as a general contractor for certain small and medium-sized projects. No matter how the company applies its drilling expertise, however, Apex Directional Drilling says its laser-like focus on drilling, its combined experience and its equipment make it one of the industry’s most prominent leaders.

Cutting-Edge Technology
Apex Directional Drilling concentrates on bores up to 48 inches in diameter with pullbacks of up to 4,000 feet. The company says its projects can range from 200 feet long to hundreds of miles, and are completed for practically any purpose. “Our many customers include major contractors, medium-sized contractors, utility companies, municipalities and various government agencies, as well as private companies with directional drilling needs,” the company explains. “Our emphasis on training and controlled business growth drives our outstanding safety record and our reputation of always delivering on time and on budget.”

The company stresses that its technological capabilities are what allow it to deliver on its promises, especially when it comes to difficult conditions. “Until all-terrain drilling technology was developed, encountering rocky soil meant one thing – find another place to drill,” the company says. “But, with our 30,000- and 100,000-pound directional drills and cutting-edge terrain mapping systems, rock is just another type of soil.

“Although all our drills blast through rock, it is certainly not the only thing they can do,” the company continues. “Our drills feature high torque and a wide range of speeds that make them the most effective drills currently available for the widest range of ground formations – so they easily plow through any type of soil and terrain.”

The company says its equipment inventory consists of JT100 and JT3020 all-terrain directional drills from Ditch Witch, and these are augmented with cutting-edge terrain mapping systems.

Taking Care
With its focus squarely on horizontal directional drilling, Apex Directional Drilling can concentrate on how its activities affect its employees and the environment. Employee safety is one of the company’s top priorities, it says. “Apex’s goals for working safe are clearly defined at the beginning of each job,” the company says. “We realize that the prevention of incidents and the achievement of safe work practices are of tremendous importance.” EMI