Clearwater Construction

Clearwater Construction has spent the past decade working to make sure users of roads, highways and bridges in the state of Pennsylvania enjoy a safe and smooth ride.

With its expertise firmly rooted in civil, site and drainage work, Clearwater Construction is now looking to expand into the oil and gas industry. CEO Gary Gorski says the company seeks to offer the industry its services, which include site and concrete work, heavy foundation, asphalt paving, shoring and piling.

Since 2006 when the Utica and Marcellus shale were discovered, site researchers have promised great oil and gas potential in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Therefore, drilling companies have a major interest in setting up operations there. Clearwater looks to build new access roads and compressor stations for companies’ drill sites. “Clearwater is located in the right place and we have the right mix of skills, equipment and creativity to handle the needs of the oil and gas industry,” Gorski says.

Because the shale can be found along the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania, Gorski sees it as the next logical step for the company located in Mercer, Pa. “We are going to focus on the natural gas industry and the Utica Shale,” Gorski says. “It’s right in our backyard.”

Clearwater’s work in the oil and gas industry will not only benefit the company, but the region as well. “The region’s roads and bridges are badly in need of rehabilitation,” Gorski says. “Pennsylvania still tops the list of states with structurally deficient bridges. Clearwater would benefit from the work and the entire community would benefit from having a safe and dependable infrastructure, as well as from the increased revenue from the oil and gas industry.”

Providing Access
A majority of work performed by Clearwater Construction is secured through the Pennsylvania DOT. The company is currently working on or recently completed nearly 20 bridge and road projects. The most notable project was the rehabilitation of the George C. Platt Memorial Bridge in Philadelphia. The bridge stretches 8,780 feet and connects south and southwest Philadelphia.

Clearwater Construction is performing all of the concrete and extensive structural steel work on the bridge. “This includes jacking the main span over the Schuylkill River and working over the Sunoco Refinery,” Gorski notes. The work is funded by the State of Pennsylvania’s $42.7 million bridge renovation project. Clearwater Construction began work in 2011 and should be substantially complete in November.

Although Clearwater Construction wants to enter the oil and gas industry, Gorski says he knows it’s competitive and won’t be easy. But whether the firm is working for a state DOT or a petroleum client, the efficiency, safety and track record of Clearwater Construction will continue to set it apart, Gorski says. “Clearwater Construction is able to combine small company flexibility with the sophistication of large company systems,” he adds. “This means we can adapt creatively to the needs of our jobs and move our people in and out as needed, rather than having individuals locked in place as they might be in a larger company.”

The company performs heavy civil construction projects in a timely manner, and Gorski predicts the performance-based values of its workforce will carry into oil and gas.

“Clearwater is the right company in the right place at the right time,” Gorski says. “I want to see our company continue to grow and prosper. As we do, I believe the work we do will play an important role in helping our entire region benefit economically.”