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The hidden design

As each pile is driven down, the ground gives way to the depth of experience that Junttan has developed in its 35 years of manufacturing piling equipment.

The roots of the business reach back to the 1960’s to a Finnish foundation company called Savon Varvi. In 1979 Junttan developed and built the first hydraulic piling hammer, and four years later in 1983 it constructed the first purpose built and fully hydraulic pile-driving rig.

Its portfolio represents the world’s leading pile driving rig range, multipurpose piling and drilling rigs and deep stabilisation machines. Additionally the product range consists of hydraulic impact hammers, rotary heads and powerpacks. Clients can be certain that in using Junttan’s services they will be granted an uncontested ease of transport, excellent stability, quick and precise pile handling, extensive inclinations and top piling performance. Throughout the world its rigs and equipment have become respected for quality, reliability and performance.

Every construction project has its own distinctive features, and depending on the type of soil, there are substantial differences in how the piling should be taken care of. Junttan’s comprehensive experience and knowledge of a wide variety of piling methods ensures the best possible solution for every situation.

In January 2014, the business announced additions to its range. Discussing the launch, Tommi Lahteinen, the director of marketing and distribution, begins: “The PMx26-28 Series comprises our biggest full blooded pile driving rigs. All rigs are equipped with complete telescopic leaders and other Junttan unique features that produce the most efficient pile driving operation.” In the three decades of operation the company has developed a basic structure and component layout that has been modified, based on its field experience, to completely enhance ease of operation and maintenance, safety, stability, increased transportability, structural strength and reduced weight and wear and tear. “Our hydraulic system has been completely renewed and the innovative X-control system of the series has been further developed for the most convenient and productive operation as well as highest fuel economy,” he continues.

“Being purpose built in every detail for the most efficient pile driving operation has been the concept that has made the Junttan range famous all over the world. Recently we introduced the renewed, new piling generation in the smaller range of PNx20, 22, 24 and 25. Now we have completed this range of authentic pile driving rigs with PMx26, 27 and 28 models, of which the PMx28 is the biggest complete pile driving rig Junttan has ever built. We have had the bigger PM30 and PM40 in our range as well, but they don’t have telescopic leaders, essential for the top pile handling performance. It is a common setup amongst the other brands though,” explains Tommi.

The R&D department has been a key factor to the success of the business; not only through developing new equipment, but additionally, it assists in helping customers maintain the productivity and capability of their rigs. “To help our customers in selecting the right size of equipment, we can evaluate the ground conditions and perform driveability analyses. For any special requirements our customised product development team makes sure that our customers get the right kind of equipment for the specific needs.. Further, we have a team of technical personnel who can provide customised capacity and ground pressure calculations for any special cases, carried out in accordance with international safety standards and regulations. We don’t just design great products, but we add value to the ownership throughout the lifecycle,” he adds.

In 2014 the business will officially launch its products at CONEXPO, the international gathering place for the construction industries. Held every three years, the exposition showcases the latest equipment, products, services and technologies. “Attending big fairs is not very common for us because our business is so niche. Typically we go to more dedicated events, specially targeted for deep foundation specialists. But exhibitions such as Bauma Munich and CONEXPO have a status that attracts all visitors and all serious construction equipment manufactures attend. We also see that North America is one of the markets with the most potential for the big X-series rigs so it is a great place to introduce our product,” says Tommi. Although the product is not officially launched until this exhibition, the industry is already reacting to the products and Junttan has seen a lot of interest. “We’re expecting a bright future for these rigs,” he notes.

Junttan is well known throughout the piling business sector, in every continent and country, renowned for high productivity, ease of maintenance, high resale value, and importantly reliability. With a client base that consists of world leading construction companies, it also attracts a number of smaller contractors. Set to continually develop throughout the next 12 months, Tommi concludes: “We shall keep on launching new innovative products that keep us at the forefront of the industry. We want to help improve the customers’ profitability and working methods by providing superb solutions that combine efficient foundation products with valued services. Our vision is not to be the biggest, but the most successful piling equipment manufacturer in the world, as well as the most desired partner to our customers and interest groups.

“Today, we have already a large range of equipment, complete rigs and hammer and power pack set-ups, working in the oil and gas sector across the world from the oil sands of Canada to the LNG terminals of Australia and beyond. Our target is to help to construct the related infrastructure in the quality and speed that this growing sector requires.”

Junttan OY
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