Onstream Group: Four Decades of Growth as a Top Supplier in Oil and Gas

Quality, integrity and innovation

Onstream Group has continued to develop and grow since it was established in 1978, and has gone on to entrench itself as key supplier of asset integrity, logistics, and manpower to some of the largest operators in the oil and gas industry. Such rapid progress in under four decades is a remarkable achievement, and one that is a sign of the company’s ambition.

The main services that Onstream Group provides are essentially based around three areas, which group business development director Alexandre Maari explained: “We offer solutions to clients in various industrial fields and focus on three major service lines – Asset I_08ntegrity, which manifests in various maintenance services such as painting and blasting, access works, inspection services, minor fabric maintenance, and revolutionary anti-corrosion Oxifree services. Then there is Logistics Support, which can involve fleet management, transportation solutions, as well as equipment and vehicle rental capabilities in Europe and Africa. The final service we offer is Manpower, this is the oldest service line of the Onstream Group, it includes a 360-degree approach to manpower solutions for our industrial clients – starting from sourcing candidates to pay rolling, plus meet and greets and local support for expatriates.”

It is due to the quality that Onstream Group prides itself on that it now has such a prestigious collection of customers, and this was something that Alexandre addressed: “As a company, we are proud to provide services to our clients among which there are many blue chip companies. The Onstream Group is proud to be able to boast a high profile client portfolio and a highly successful dedicated and experienced global team. Through acquisitions and organic growth, the Onstream Group has become a truly global company with operations in Europe, West Africa, CIS region, Americas, and the Middle East.”

There are many reasons why Onstream Group has been able to carve out such a strong position in the industry, and Alexandre provided some factors: “Onstream Group sticks to its values: innovation, quality, entrepreneurship, integrity, and passion. These are our guiding principles in the world of industrial services. We are also a relatively young organisation, and because of that Onstream Group is an energetic and flexible company, it is able to adapt its strategy and tailor its services for our clients in the most difficult locations – we value our adaptability.”

Onstream Group has built such a reputation and supplied services to a standard that has resulted in it being active across the globe, and Alexandre highlighted some locations: “Within Europe, Onstream Group is proud to have clients across major company locations – in the North Sea, Onstream Group has worked since 1989, providing asset integrity, logistics, and manpower. As of 2015 Onstream Group started providing anti-corrosion solutions in the Netherlands. Then within Africa, Onstream Group has worked with large companies such as Shell, ENI, and Total. There has also been Petrogas – an associated company of the Onstream Group – it was awarded a transportation services contract in Gabon in 2012. Since then, the company has mobilised more than 250 vehicles in remote locations across Gabon. In Mozambique, the company supplies asset integrity and manpower services solutions to oil and gas majors as well as specialised industrial clients.”

There have also been several major projects that Onstream Group completed in 2016, and Alexandre was able to provide some details on these: “In April of that year Onstream Group completed a project in the Temane area of Mozambique. The project was a maintenance job on two water tanks for our client Fugro. In a nutshell, the project involved in-and outside surface blasting and painting. The full scope of the project services involved NDT and structural integrity, mechanical maintenance, anti-corrosion solutions, painting and blasting, as well as transportation. Another project we worked on was with Noordgastransport B. V. (NGT) – it was the first major Oxifree project in the Netherlands. The solution we proposed to NGT was the most cost-effective and reliable in comparison to other conventional anti-corrosion solutions. In order to tackle the corrosion, Onstream Group conducted onsite inspection and developed a detailed proposal based on the use of the innovative Oxifree TM198 coating system. Anti-corrosion problems on complex metal structures at the NGT gas refinery were successfully resolved.” Alexandre also shed some light on a project it has in the pipeline: “The company is currently preparing to carry out several projects within the asset integrity service line in the Netherlands, Gabon, Mozambique and Nigeria. As a part of the strategic diversification of the client base, we identified a strong demand for our anti-corrosion services in non-conventional sectors such as wood processing, production factories, as well as storage facilities industry.”

Onstream Group has clearly achieved a great deal in a short time – building a reputation that has made it internationally in demand in less than four decades. However, the company will continue to improve its services by developing its manpower in its more traditional markets of Europe and Africa. It will also aim to further its provision of asset integrity in West Africa, East Africa, and CIS regions. In addition to these Onstream Group will ensure that logistics services will be increased in both West and East Africa. All of these planned improvements only add to the fact that Onstream Group is proven, it is reliable, and it provides all its services to the highest standards everywhere it operates.

Onstream Group

Services: Maintenance services, manpower services, equipment rental and logistics support