Quick turnaround

Schlumberger is now using Exception EMS’, fast turnaround PCA ‘On-Demand’ service to improve costs, and efficiencies with rapid prototyping.

As an oilfield services company, Schlumberger employs more than 100,000 people and provides oil companies with every aspect of drilling assistance from preliminary data collection to crews, construction, maintenance, and data collection on reservoirs. With a need to achieve greater efficiencies in its build and assembly of PCA’s for its proprietary communications card – used to communicate with downhole tools on oil sites across the globe – Schlumberger approached Exception EMS in 2014 about its On Demand service. Due to time and cost issues in the past with previous contract manufacturers, the company was looking for a CEM that could provide a quality PCA turnaround service in less than the typical six to eight weeks they had been experiencing.

Schlumberger was impressed with the services provided by Exception EMS and in January 2014 the company began working together. Using Exception EMS’ On-Demand service has meant that Schlumberger gets access to 24/7 availability from a technology driven manufacturing team, with enhanced flexibility to support rapid and complex PCB assembly services. Importantly, Schlumberger also gets full transparency during the quotation and fulfilment cycle.

Issue 122 July 2015