AS Nymo

Fit for purpose

The roots of AS Nymo can be traced back to 1946 when it was established as a workshop, which it remained for ten years before JJ Ugland, (under whose ownership it has remained) acquired it.

AS Nymo joined a group of other marine businesses under the J.J. Ugland Companies banner, including the ship-owning companies A/S Uglands Rederi and Ugland Shipping AS; the ship management company Ugland Marine Services AS (in charge of the technical and commercial operation of the Ugland fleet as well as giving service to other owners); and Ugland Bulk Transport A/S (UBULK Pool) operating a pool of about 20 modern handymax bulk carriers. Canship Ugland Ltd – located in St. John’s Newfoundland – is responsible for the crewing and management of the Ugland tankers trading off Canada, as well as vessels owned by other owners. The Stavanger-based Ugland Construction AS is the commercial manager of a fleet of flat top barges and a crane vessel.

Based in Grimstad, Norway, AS Nymo boasts two sophisticated facilities, both in Grimstad and also in Eydehavn, where a skilled pool of employees carries out the construction of platforms, modules and subsea equipment. Both sites are also equipped for repair work to drilling rigs and conventional vessels, as well as the assembly of stainless steel and aluminium equipment.

The site at Eydehavn was previously an aluminium plant. It was rebuilt as a steel construction and shipyard in 1975, and AS Nymo took over the site in 1991. The facilities today comprise of a main assembly hall with 200 and 50 tonne overhead cranes for integration testing of subsea systems, miscellaneous halls for prefabrication and assembly, and sandblasting and painting shops. The 200-tonne crane also serves the outdoor area and reaches 10.5 metre outside the quay front for load-out purposes. In addition, the site is equipped with a seabed platform at a depth of 10.5 metre for shallow water testing and also ground transportation facilities of up to 250 tonnes.

The company’s administration and engineering department is located at the headquarters in Grimstad, where access to the load-out area is excellent both for heavy lift vessels and offshore barges. This facility is equipped for the fabrication of modules of up to 5000 tonnes.

Located near the sea, Grimstad has developed trading in shipping and other maritime businesses. The shipping industry can look back on centuries of tradition and many ship owners still have their base in the town. A spin-off effect from this activity is the establishment of a number of smaller and larger businesses, plus a regional technical university is located in Grimstad, which gives local industry an additional advantage. This has contributed to Grimstad becoming a centre for ICT and high technology.

These two state-of-the-art facilities, alongside approximately 340 highly skilled employees, have seen AS Nymo acquire a reputation for one of the finest skill sets in the industry. Part of this reputation is founded on AS Nymo’s proven track record in the welding of complex materials, and a specialty in drilling modules. It was in the 1970s when the direction of the company headed towards this area, due to the emergence and potential of the offshore industry in the North Sea. To this end, the company became one of the first suppliers of high-quality modules for specific projects. Since that time, the product portfolio has been expanded to include a substantial range of modules for management, engineering, procurement, construction and offshore hook-up projects. Amongst other purposes, modules have been fabricated for support deck frames, topside wellhead platforms, accommodation quarters, processing, compression, generating operations, drilling and mud handling, and various utilities.

This ability to deliver systems, solutions and products that are tailor-made and meet the exact needs of clients is another of AS Nymo’s strengths. Oyvind Boye, technical manager, explains: “What we are adept at, and often get asked to do, is design these modules for the specific purpose that our customers require on their rigs. Of course, there are exceptions as one of our customers may want more than one of their installations fitted with the same concept, but in normal cases our designs are different.”

By combining its advantageous location in the heartland of the Scandinavian oil and gas sector, its ability to meet clients needs and a staff of expertly skilled technicians, AS Nymo has forged a reputation for excellence, and works very hard to maintain its position at the forefront of the industry.

AS Nymo

Services: Platform, module, and subsea construction