Bowringer Engineering

Bowringer Engineering Limited was founded in 1996. Bowringer has become a leading supplier to the industrial sector in the province through its team of engineers, project managers, supervisors, technicians and multi-trade personnel.

“We’ve had great success finding experienced field staff who have been in the industry for many years,” explains Ian Arbuckle, division manager, Labrador West.

Strong Services
Headquartered in Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador, the company also has facilities in Labrador City. It provides fabrication, industrial protective coatings and facility maintenance services.

“Our growth has been driven by providing select industrial clients with great service. We are competitive in the mining industry because we can provide service that is safe and reliable.

At its Paradise location, the company has a 1,200-square-meter fabrication plant, 800 square meters of office space, a 14,000-square-meter yard and a 500-square-meter blast and paint bay. Located 20 kilometers from St. John’s harbor port; the facility provides exotic metals fabrication, plate shearing, rolling and bending services.

Its Labrador fabrication plant is a 600-square-meter facility. It has a 20-tonne crane, a two-acre yard, a five-meter by five-meter access door and plate shearing capabilities.

Bowringer’s fabrication services extend to process modules, skids, structural steel and subsea components. The company can also design, fabricate and erect API storage tanks, stacks, penstocks and overhead cranes.

With its industrial surface preparation, high-performance coating and lining services, Bowringer can meet its clients’ industrial coating requirements on a variety of projects.

As for its industrial facility maintenance services, the company can offer plant rebuilding and scaffolding services. Its plant rebuilding services include maintenance turnaround execution, coordination of contractual activities and project management, fabrication and procurement on many types of plant equipment and systems.

Bowringer can design, supply and implement scaffold systems, and it provides complete industrial mechanical, electrical and civil construction services through its strategic partner, Vytrell Engineering, a multi-disciplinary industrial contractor.

Like Bowringer, Vytrell is a Roth Lochston Constructors company.

“The maintenance industry that we are in is a very specialized field,” Arbuckle says.

Solid Core
Throughout all of its operations, Bowringer is focused on ensuring a high level of performance from health, safety, environmental and quality perspectives. The safety and well-being of its employees and partners, as well as protection of the environment, are core values for the company.

“Safety is the key to success,” Arbuckle says. “Our goal is zero harm.”

The company has redoubled its efforts on safety in the last few years. Early in 2011, it developed a safety action plan to help take its safety programs to the next level. This process helped the company develop improved ways of monitoring its projects, as well as creating control and auditing processes that hold its employees accountable for safety. “We’ve become a leader in safety at our customer sites, and we continuously look for ways to improve,” Arbuckle says.

Also, Bowringer is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, which helps ensure that it meets high quality standards.

Bowringer has seen the industries it serves go through a number of ups and downs recently. For example, 2012 was one of its busiest years ever in the mining industry, but then the market dropped late in the year and many projects were put on hold. Being able to adjust to the ebbs and flows of the market will be critical for the company in the future.

“We will have challenges if the industry dips back down and projects are hard to come by,” Arbuckle says. “We are looking at expanding and finding opportunities in other parts of Canada, as well as recruiting the right tradespeople to help our growth.”