Hempaline Defend, trusted in challenging environments

The challenge
Dolphin Energy Limited needed a proven coating solution for the inside of their storage and process tanks to protect them from the corrosive wastewater contents. The protective coating needed to perform well in this aggressive environment, prolong the assets lifetime and maintain tank purity. This project complements previous efforts to modify the wastewater treatment unit. The aim of which was to enhance the quality and filtration of wastewater and prepare it for deep well injection. In addition, the project needed to be completed within a tight time scale and required on-site technical support to ensure its success.

Hemp 170






The solution
We were delighted when our Hempaline Defend 740 Vinyl Ester was specified to line the storage and process tanks for this prestigious project, providing a long lasting, corrosion resistant coating solution. It took 15,000 litres of our high performance Hempaline Defend 740 lining to coat 18,000 square metres of internal tank. Our range of Hempaline Defend linings are proven to provide advanced protection against pH swings, high temperatures and abrasion, as well as a wide variety of chemicals and solvents. They are suitable for even the largest diameter storage tanks and are resistant to steam cleaning and other processes. To ensure the project was completed on time and to specification our renowned technical support team were on-site throughout. With rapid curing, our high performance linings will get your assets back in service quicker, often in as little as 24 hours.

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