Refinery Chooses Hempaline for 200ft Sour Crude Tank

A major United States oil refinery has chosen Hempel’s Hempaline Defend 630 Solvent Free Phenolic Epoxy Lining as an interior tank lining for a 200 foot / 61 metre tank diameter sour crude oil storage tank.

Hempaline epoxies are 100 per cent solid materials that can often be applied in a single coat and have rapid curing properties. This saves the customers time and money in application costs and completion times. Faster project completion allows them to return a unit to service quickly producing revenue.

Hempaline Defend 630 was chosen for this application because of its ability to resist acid conditions of the tank’s cargo, high sulphur crude oil. Hempaline will provide long lasting protection to the tank, minimising future maintenance and repainting costs.

With rapid curing, Hempaline Defend 630 returned the customer’s tank back to service, generating revenue that would otherwise have been lost due to longer downtime. Hempaline can be trusted to develop chemical resistance quickly whilst producing corrosion protection that lasts.




The challenge
A major US refinery was in need of a long-lasting, low-maintenance interior tank lining for its 200 foot / 61 metre diameter sour crude oil storage tank.

The solution
Hempaline Defend 630 is a fast cure, highly chemical-resistant internal coating designed specifically for severe service environments, such as those found in the oil and gas industry.

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