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Good growth

The Sulzer name has been associated with reliable and sustainable solutions for performance-critical applications for over 175 years.

From its beginnings in Switzerland, the Group has developed to become a leading player within its key markets, which include oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing, power generation, water, industrial, automotive, and aviation.

During this time a culture of innovation and development has been at the heart of Sulzer. The company’s core competencies in areas such as fluid dynamics, and materials and surface engineering enable it to create innovative solutions that are tailored to its customers’ challenges.

It is on this basis that business division Sulzer Chemtech is built, and continues to be the key to its success today. Active in the fields of separation, reaction, and mixing processes, as well as process engineering, Sulzer Chemtech sets standards in he sectors of mass transfer and static mixing. Its advanced solutions translate into greater competitivity for its customers. In particular, the company is well known for its technological breakthroughs, including Mellapak structured packings and static mixers. These innovations have represented a major leap forward in mass transfer technology, and since their introduction, thousands of columns have been revamped to increase capacity and improve purity.

In today’s highly competitive global market customers are looking for the types of advantages that Sulzer Chemtech’s solutions can afford them, derived from a combination of broad expertise and innovative thinking. Likewise, as a single-source provider for engineering, design, equipment, and associated services, the company offers high reliability and process efficiency. As with the Sulzer Group itself, Sulzer Chemtech has manufacturing and service facilities throughout the world, which ensures local knowledge and competency, as well as close ties with its customers.

The company’s solutions are not only applicable to a wide range of industries though, but also the various facets within these. In the case of the oil and gas industry, Sulzer Pumps provides high-performance pumps for the production and transportation of oil, Sulzer Chemtech separation process technologies for liquids and gas, Sulzer Metco innovative coatings to extend service life, and Sulzer Turbo Services reliable services for compressors, turbines, motors, and generators.

As well as these well-established and more conventional business areas, Sulzer’s divisions have a hand in some of the more complex and upcoming areas of the oil and gas industry. This includes working with clients to develop high-end technologies for effective carbon capture and storage, the supply of separation technologies, pumps, and injection-mixing device to producers of LNG, assisting in the exploitation of oil sands, and developing solutions for shale and coal gas developments.

Within each of its product ranges, Sulzer Chemtech aims to address all requirements and problems. As such, its separation technology and mass transfer equipment includes state-of-the-art products for distillation, absorption, stripping, evaporation, phase separation, liquid-to-liquid extraction, crystallisation, and membrane separation. Through this range of technologies, the company fully develops process solutions from initial concept and pilot testing through to the start-up of the plant or facility itself. This is complemented by a variety of multi-component systems for metering, mixing and dispensing resources.

A division of Sulzer Chemtech, Tower Field Services, is a leading provider of specialised mechanical services to offshore platforms, natural gas plants, oil refineries, and petrochemical plants. Having completed work on many major plant-wide turnarounds across the world, Tower Field Services can deliver everything from welding, piping, and coating services to revamps and retrofits, and capital expansions.

Having carved out a name for itself in the industry, Sulzer Chemtech continues to go from strength to strength. Just last year, the company renewed and extended its strategic alliance agreement with Shell Global Solutions International B.V. – a long-standing relationship that began back in 2000. Under the previous agreement, Sulzer Chemtech became the worldwide licensee for Shell Global Solutions’ high capacity tray and phase separation technology. Building on this success, the new extended collaboration also includes provisions to support and formalise the joint development of new mass transfer and separation equipment.

The strong organic growth of Sulzer Chemtech, alongside other business divisions Sulzer Metco, Sulzer Turbo, and a large acquisition by Sulzer Pumps, has served to help Sulzer increase its order intake by 9.1 per cent up to one billion Swiss francs (CHF) in the first quarter of a year. Going forward the group predicts high single-digit growth in its order intake for the rest of the year, with moderate expansion also envisaged for Sulzer Chemtech.

Sulzer Chemtech
Products: Process technology and separation towers