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Founded by Ashok Odhrani in 1973, Supertech has built an enviable reputation for the delivery of premier oil and gas control solutions in the UAE, Middle East and Indian sub-continent.

Having landed on Dubai shores with the British India Steam Navigation Organisation in 1967, Ashok obtained employment in an automotive spare parts and services company. Having gained six years of necessary experience and market knowledge from this vocation he took the decision to create his own company dedicated to delivering quality products to all associated with the global oil and gas industry. The climate at the time, with the Seven British-Trucial states forming the United Arab Emirates and the oil related embargo by Arab states against Israeli occupation in the 1970s provided an ideal platform for growth.

Today the company is headquartered in Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) in Dubai with strategically located branches based in Deira, Abu Dhabi and Qatar, as well as independent business entities in India and Pakistan giving it a truly widespread geographical coverage. Supertech’s broad and comprehensive portfolio focuses on the fields of process instrumentation, valves and actuation, pneumatics, filtration solutions, fluid connectors and seals, hydraulics, industrial tools and equipment, as well as chemicals and adhesives. Having started with essential emphasis on serving oil and gas businesses, the company has successfully diversified its activities into the complimentary markets of power generation, ship repair, aluminium smelting, automotive and manufacturing industries.

Not only priding itself on the expert range of products it offers its customers, the organisation also provides a proficiency in after-sales services through a dedicated technical support team, premier customer service team and state-of-the-art service centre supported by a 24-hour mobile service van, also known as the Hose Doctor, for on-site repairs. As well as product supply, Supertech’s services also include the design, manufacture and installation of hydraulic systems, supply lines and system flushing to meet customer demand, making it one of the most diverse and all-encompassing providers in the region.

Ashok, chairman and founder of Supertech, highlights what he believes are the company’s key differentiators in the market: “Other than being established when the industry itself was in its infancy, we have managed to secure customer trust and build on an excellent customer base. Our clients are both active in the upstream and downstream oil and gas industries and include heavyweights such as Dubai Natural Gas, ADNOC Group, Qatar Petroleum, J.Ray, Weatherford and Halliburton to name but a few. In general, we work very closely with their engineering departments and site offices to find the right solution to meet their exact specifications. By gaining client satisfaction and appreciation, we have become the preferred single source for oil and gas solutions, while our main strengths are quite simple – we have high stock availability, quality products, on time deliveries and close customer relationships.”

Whilst viewing itself as an essential bridge between the manufacturer and end-user, the company adheres to the philosophy that quality comes from within. All of its 100+ strong workforce are trained and dedicated to this cause, ensuring that every product is of the highest quality, delivered to the best standards with the greatest level of service. Supertech views its employees as its best asset and all staff have industry qualifications to ensure the continuity of workmanship. The engineering division itself is DNV certified and follows stringent ISO9001 quality procedures throughout. This year the company will be furthering its accreditations by becoming certified to ISO9001-2008 standards, while actively considering advancement to ISO14001 and OHAS 19001 as well.

Throughout its 37-year history, Supertech has always remained loyal to progress, persistently expanding its offering and market influence to great success. At present, the organisation is anticipating significant opportunities within its chosen markets, with its wide portfolio facilitating growth in Abu Dhabi and Qatar. India is also becoming an area of great potential with the regional office in Mumbai established in 1986 and the branch offices of Baroda, Jaipur, Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata actively seeking new business. By growing in recognition as a value-added provider offering custom-built equipment for various oil and gas applications, Supertech is aiming to multiply its industry interests.

Over the coming years, the business will also turn to alternative markets such as Solar, Wind and Turbine energy for additional contracts and customer associations. Ashok outlines his overall vision for Supertech: “We aim to be one step ahead of everyone else by providing the latest in innovative products and complimentary services. We see it as our job to tackle the challenges facing mankind including those involved in maintaining energy, water, food, defence, life sciences, infrastructure, environment and transportation. Our capability as a recognised systems integrator and solution provider places us at the forefront of the market for handling such technologies and requirements. Realistically it is our generations of knowledge and significant experience of the oil and gas industry that will give us the confidence to grow in the market over the coming months and years.”

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