The Proserv Group

More than expected

For more than 30 years, Proserv has been a leading Group within the sales, rentals and maintenance of pressure related systems, products and equipment for both onshore and offshore-based industries.

The knowledge and experience acquired throughout this long period combined with modern production facilities also means that the Group today is fully capable of designing and manufacturing custom built, complex control equipment and systems.

However, Proserv acknowledges that simply offering high quality products is not sufficient to maintain the position as a preferred supplier within these fields. It also requires highly skilled personnel to serve customers, which means Proserv strives to provide an active, challenging and rewarding working environment in order to attract and retain the best people in the industry.

Today the Proserv Group is an international company with operations in Norway, the UK, the UAE, the US and Iran. A global player, Proserv has successfully delivered products and solutions in all these areas plus Africa, South East Asia, Australia and China and this list is steadily growing. To build this strong international presence, the Group is pursuing an aggressive growth strategy, under the watchful eye of a recently appointed CEO, Arve Sem-Henriksen. Arve took over the reins in January 2007, and brought with him solid experience from the oil industry, and extensive international experience, from which Proserv will surely benefit.

As part of its international expansion programme, Proserv has been on the acquisition trail. In 2006 it acquired both the Circle Group, an international specialist in subsea tools and engineering, and Scotech International Services, a leading oil & gas service company specialised within the supply and maintenance of highpressure equipment and instrumentation as well as the provision of calibration services. Commenting on the Circle agreement, Bjorn Angeltveit, managing director of Promac (the Proserv Group company that will be directly involved with Circle), said: “Circle will continue to operate and trade as it is, however, there are a lot of positive benefits for clients. These relate to the wider innovative techniques and product development capabilities that we can bring to the joint business. With Circle on board, our aim is to be the preferred supplier within our business segment. In the North Sea the two companies jointly have a solid position within the marine and subsea markets.”

The acquisition of Scotech International Services will consolidate Proserv’s position as a leading provider of equipment and services to the oil industry, as well as provide excellent access to strategically important markets for the Group.

The most recent addition was Chemical Injection Equipment AS, which was acquired as recently as May 2007. Besides giving Proserv a cutting edge within chemical injection equipment technology, this purchase complements Proserv’s portfolio within test & control systems and accelerates the company’s strategy in becoming a world leading system supplier.

“We’re extremely pleased to include CIE’s personnel, products and services in the Proserv portfolio as together we will be positioned to offer innovative solutions that fulfil the increasing demand for more flexible and reliable still functional systems,” said Geir Egil Olsen, managing director of Proserv AS.

Geir Egil added that the acquisition of CIE means accelerated growth for Proserv within supply test and control systems. “CIE has an excellent and well deserved reputation. The company is extremely customer driven and offers state-of-the-art technology within chemical injection equipment aimed at growing the customers business.”

As a result of these acquisitions and developments, The Proserv Group is now comprised of 14 divisions, including four in the UK and five in Norway. The head office is based in Stavanger, Norway, and trades as Proserv AS. Over the past years, Proserv AS has built its reputation within the area of oil & gas sampling. Starting up in 1974 with sales and rentals of sampling cylinders, the business has grown to become one of the core activities for the company. It now has the capability to perform all design, manufacturing and system testing in-house.

Certified to ISO 9001, all design, manufacturing, commissioning and customer support activities are conducted to documented procedures to guarantee excellence and ensure total specification compliance.

In the UK, Proserv (NS) Ltd is based in Aberdeen in Scotland. The principal business of the company is the manufacture and supply of high quality sampling equipment, for the collection, safe transportation and analysis of pressurised hydrocarbon samples. Samples provide accurate and representative analysis, during both exploration and production phases of a reservoir development. The standard Proserv (NS) products comprise Bottom Hole Samplers (BHS), a range of high pressure sample cylinders for the transfer and transportation of bottom hole samples and a range of specialist PVT and production sampling cylinders for the representative taking and transport of pressurised samples during production testing and production processing.

Now an internationally recognised supplier in the EPC market, and with a reputation of providing best in class service and products, the Proserv Group has created a firm foundation on which Arve Sem-Henriksen can build. He has been tasked to strengthen the unity in the group, be visionary and be able to take the Group forwards, both nationally and internationally. It promises to be an exciting journey for all at Proserv.

The Proserv Group

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