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Encompassing everything that a client might require in undertaking renewable energy projects, Your Group runs five different organisations under a single base at its innovation centre located at the Bristol & Bath Science Park. The company’s founding enterprise, Your Power (YP) and its associated counterpart Your Hydro (YH), supply components including hydro turbines and solar panels, while Your Electrical (YE) and Your Engineering Support Services (YESS) provides support via its team of electrical, installation and maintenance professionals. Finally, Your Renewable Assets (YRA) takes on and assists clients in renewable project developments, ensuring that clients are fully represented and supported by a resilient group of project managers and engineers who keep the company’s ethos of ‘people, planet, and profit’ at the heart of their work.

“At Your Group we help our clients protect themselves from rising energy costs and this will continue on a steep upward trend as will those who want to embrace clean power. As renewables are reaching grid parity the energy case has been made recently at COP21 and there is still a need for energy policy makers to secure our energy with technology such as renewables with the addition of energy storage to cap global warming,” says CEO, Jamie Onians. “We help businesses and landowners daily to secure and future proof their energy supplies either through solar, hydro, energy efficiency or asset development.”

Since the organisation was founded in 2010, Your Group has grown from five staff members and a turnover of £250,000 to over 30 staff with a turnover of in excess of £8 million. Its installed capacity of renewable energy has increased from 50kWs in 2010 to more than 30MWs in 2015 across both solar photovoltaics (PV) and hydropower installations – equivalent to the annual energy requirement of some 24,000 homes. The group also has 85MWhs of renewable assets currently in the process of planning and development. The Group’s solar arm has completed over 5000 installations in total equating to 5MW in capacity. Together these systems will generate over four million units of clean electricity per year, equivalent to the annual use of 1000 homes. By displacing fossil fuel generated electricity the installations will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 1448 tonnes for each year of their 20-year lifespan.

“Your Group prioritises the promotion of a more sustainable future and remains committed to strengthening its role in developing a low-carbon economy via widespread access to renewable energy,” Jamie explains. “The company’s core capabilities include solar PV, hydro-turbine manufacturing and installation, electrical contracting, consultancy and renewable energy asset development. Our vision is to be a market leader in our design and execution helping our clients achieve their dream of clean energy today.”

The exceptional service delivery of the Your Group has been utilised by many high profile clients in an impressively broad client base including partnerships with Wessex Water, Duchy of Cornwall, Lombard, Royal Bank of Scotland, United Utilities, DPD, Natwest, Good Energy, Watkins Jones, Space Engineering, Bristol County Council, BAM, Cowlin, Carillion, Schneider Electric and Trina. DPD for example, is an international parcel delivery and logistics company, serving a wide range of personal and business customers across the globe. The organisation operates Europe’s largest automated depot, making its power requirements considerable.

Due to the specific workings of the business, most of DPD’s operations are night-based, however daytime operations are crucial for preparing the depot for the all-important night work. Therefore the company was searching for a power solution that could adequately meet its energy requirements, while reducing DPD’s carbon footprint and power costs. Almost 1800 panels were installed across the rooftop of the DPD facility, capable of providing 450kWp power to the depot. The result was a high-yield, environmentally friendly solution that saves the company over £39,000 per year on energy costs. All this delivered in the run up to Christmas their busiest time.

“For a business such as DPD, only the highest quality components will suffice to ensure they get the best possible return on their investments. We also carefully matched the system to its requirement, opting for a smaller system that was more beneficial for our client,” elaborates COO Nick Spicer. “Your Group’s ever-increasing popularity in the marketplace is courtesy of its top scale project management abilities, its highly refined services that incorporate cloud-based integrated communication, as well as its strong delivery network. Additional advantages include the team’s extensive worldwide experience in the field of renewable energy, as well as in the built and construction environment, and the way they actively seek opportunities to improve sustainability wherever possible.”

Throughout all of its operations, Your Group represents a truly global business. The company has successfully completed projects within Sierra Leone, the Falkland Islands, the Scottish Highlands and extensively in the UK. Your Hydro recently also secured an Innovate UK grant to undertake research and development in a virtual turbine environment, while Your Renewable Assets is currently completing 1MW and 2MW projects with hydro turbines from Your Hydro adding to the company’s impressive credentials. “Social Responsibility is integral to what we do at Your Group. The Group’s board hold vast employment backgrounds, with Directors’ backgrounds in South America and the Middle East, supported by an operational capacity lead by an ex-military officer with international experience,” Jamie concludes. “We are set to be moving into energy efficiency, mechanical and electrical contracting, asset development, hydro-turbine design, off-grid solar, battery storage and international solar and hydro markets whilst continuing to install renewable energy assets for clients in the UK. Delivering a future of clean energy today.”

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