Arva Industries Inc.

Back in 1979, Arva Industries Inc. delivered its first heavy equipment material-handling project – a tower lifter for Ontario Hydro. More than three decades later, the company based in St. Thomas, Ontario, boasts clients such as the Canadian Department of National Defense, Canadian Coast Guard, U.S. Air Force and the Toronto Transit Commission.

“Armed with this wealth of experience and keen eye for innovation and design, Arva Industries Inc. recognized the need for niche specialty equipment relating to construction, industrial, military, marine, hydroelectric and mining markets,” the company says.

Arva Industries operates out of a 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in St. Thomas, where its capabilities include sandblasting and painting. The company says it employs a quality control inspection process that complies with Military Quality Control AQP4 standards.

“Very few companies throughout the world and outside the U.S. military complex have received this prestigious recognition,” Arva Industries states. The company boasts that it also is certified as a Canadian Welding Bureau facility by meeting the agency’s rigid standards.

Industry Know-How
Arva Industries benefitted a great deal from that first project it delivered for Ontario Hydro in its early days. The company says the machine had the ability to lift live hydro towers and add extension legs, which reduced and eliminated line discharge into the earth, and its ability to customize machinery earned it a reputation for efficiency.

“By spearheading this effective solution, Arva Industries Inc. was instrumental in saving Ontario Hydro $1 million per day in lost revenue and over $10 million in alternative solutions,” the company boasts.

Arva Industries says this project caught the attention of Pacific Gas and Electric in California, which hired the company to deliver another specialized application to accommodate the unique conditions found in the vineyards where Pacific operated. After delivery of this project, the company says its reputation grew larger and customers came seeking Arva Industries for its innovative approach to problem-solving.

Engineering for Success
Arva Industries says it designs and develops a range of equipment for various industries and enhances its engineering skills with the latest design software. The company has AutoCAD and Solid Works 3-D software among its tools, along with Finite Element Analyses testing.

Arva Industries also sports prototype design and manufacturing among its capabilities. The company says its prototyping abilities can be applied to tower lifters to raise hydro towers to increase line capacity while still energized, or a backhoe loader that travels highway speeds.

“Prototype design and manufacturing is an area that Arva is well-equipped and experienced to handle,” the company says. “It takes a special plant such as Arva to make this happen in a timely and on-budget manner.”

A Workforce with Pride
Along with impeccable quality control to cater to the largest players in industry, Arva Industries credits its workforce for its success. The company says it strives to deliver the best heavy equipment.

“The Arva staff has excelled in achieving the highest level of professionalism and recognition in this industry,” Arva Industries states.