Flogas to Build UK’s Largest LPG Pipeline at Avonmouth

Flogas Britain, one of the UK’s leading LPG suppliers, announces that it has been granted planning permission to construct a gas pipeline from Bristol Port into the nation’s largest above ground LPG storage terminal, at Avonmouth, near Bristol.

Once complete, the pipeline will link the UK to a diverse, global supply of off-grid gas, providing security of supply and enhancing affordability for off-grid commercial and residential customers.

The pipeline will also have the capability to import Bio-LPG, which is a fully renewable green gas alternative. Additionally, it will provide access to emerging sources of renewable fuels, helping to further future-proof Britain’s supply of low carbon off-grid fuels.

Running safely underground and out of site, the twin-pipeline will vastly increase the availability of LPG and Bio-LPG, enabling up to 20,000 tons of commodity to be safely and securely discharged from a ship in 24 hours.

Lee Gannon, Flogas Britain’s Managing Director explains: “The next phase of design is currently underway and with completion of construction potentially as early as 2025, we will soon have locked in a direct link between our storage facility and world supply of existing and upcoming carbon free fuels.”