GreenHunter Water LLC

The sustainable energy sector has been the subject of a lot of attention in recent years, with many companies trying their hardest to break into what they believe will be the next big thing. That’s what makes GreenHunter Water LLC’s story all the more interesting. Although the company was founded to take advantage of the interest in sustainable energy, President and COO Jonathan Hoopes says it recently made the transition to serving the oil and gas sector.

Hoopes says the company’s original focus after its inception in 2005 was on wind and biomass energy projects. However, after realizing how dependent sustainable energy projects were on subsidies from the federal government, GreenHunter decided a new direction was necessary. In 2011, the company began the transition away from the sustainable energy sector and reorganized to concentrate on providing Total Water Management Solutions™ for the oil and gas industry.

Based in Grapevine, Texas, GreenHunter brings a combination of proven and emerging technologies to help its customers deal with the increasing pressures of regulation on their water usage. Its services include the recycling and reuse of water used in fracking, asset tracking, disposal wells and temporary storage tanks. Hoopes says the company’s reliability, scale and unique solutions have made it a highly sought-after partner for many producers with shale oil and natural gas operations in the United States.

“Our customers are among the largest, most-recognized and best-financed balance sheet companies in the world,” Hoopes says.

Rapid Growth
The time is right for GreenHunter to make this transition to water management solutions, Hoopes says, because opportunities in North America are increasing. The rapid growth of shale oil operations are responsible for this.

“Over the last few decades, most major oil companies were selling U.S. assets and going offshore,” Hoopes says. “With the new technologies and the use of hydraulic fracking to access unconventional resources, companies that were going offshore are coming back on-shore.”

Although the types of water handling and disposal services GreenHunter offers aren’t new necessarily, Hoopes says the company provides customers with some distinct advantages that make it the most attractive option. For example, the company’s scale and experience is attractive when companies look for produced water disposal options.

Advanced Services
The breadth of services GreenHunter brings to the table is another significant advantage for the company, according to Hoopes. In every respect, the company is geared toward helping its customers stay ahead of impending federal regulatory requirements.

For example, because public opinion has become negative on the large volumes of water required for fracture stimulation, GreenHunter provides a pathway for water recycling and reuse by employing a technology-neutral approach to water cleanup. “We’re open to all of the traditional and new water filtering technologies, and we’re happy to partner with third parties as part of our Frac-Cycle™ initiative,” Hoopes says.

On the logistics side, GreenHunter provides customers with peace of mind through its advanced monitoring technologies. All of the company’s trucks feature GPS tracking, and the company’s proprietary RAMCAT™ tracking system provides a “cradle-to-grave” compliance manifest that details exactly where fluids came from, what route they travel and where they end up. This makes it possible for GreenHunter’s customers to show regulatory agencies that all fluids have been handled properly and were accounted for every step of the process. EMI