Heavy lift solution

Proven, off-the-shelf heavy lift vessel designs from Ulstein can help to close the foundation installation gap.

The ULSTEIN HX118 design is the third evolution of the successful and iconic ULSTEIN SOC 5000 design, of which several vessels are currently in operation or under construction. “We worked for four years on the development of this design, using our unique ‘ULSTEIN Blended Design™’ methodology, CFD simulations, and knowledge gained from the ALFA LIFT design and Aegir conversion,” says Ko Stroo, lead naval architect/product manager at Ulstein Design & Solutions B.V. “Combining our vast track record in heavy lift vessels with business case analysis and latest installation technologies resulted in what basically is the Mk3 version of our SOC 5000 design.”

Developed to efficiently handle the next generation foundations, monopiles as well as jackets, the design features a 5,000mt main crane with large lifting heights and a large, strong open deck. Methanol powered generators, an optimized hull design and smart integration of battery systems ensure low emissions during operations and when in port.