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All systems go

Independent company Hitec Products AS is a leading control systems supplier for the oil and gas industry with two locations in Norway, a facility in Singapore, and an employee level of 135.

Its main business area is electro-hydraulic control systems and chemical injection systems for the energy industry. With a flexible attitude towards client requirements, the company’s main vision is to develop and build attractive solutions that are of high quality and reliable. “We have a very efficient approach to manufacturing and designing our systems,” says David South, sales and marketing manager at Hitec Products AS. “Our products are very safe in terms of risk. When our clients place orders with us they are very comfortable with our quality and our health and safety statistics, which are impressive. When a client orders a system from us, they know what they will get.” The company is consistently looking to improve, with Health, Environment, Safety and Quality (HESQ) playing a strong role during all of its projects.

Hitec Products AS, which is part of the wider BR Industries group of companies’ oil and gas division, aims to deliver on budget and on time, and always in accordance to the agreed quality and specifications. “Everybody at Hitec Products shares the vision that a good-looking system is a good working system. Our tube fitters and workshop personnel are among the best in the world within their are of work,” enthuses David. Hitec has the necessary human resources, operative skills and technology to be an integrated partner for the client throughout all stages of the project. On top of this, the standardising and modularising of its existing product portfolio has been a focus for the company, which has gained it positive recognition in the topside and subsea market, and, following two highly successful deliveries in 2012, the business was rewarded contract awards.

Proud of its strong customer relations, Hitec Products AS has a separate customer support division for service, maintenance and modifications. With aims to be the natural choice for clients, the company has pre-designed standardised building blocks, giving it the ability to easily adapt to requirements. “We have gone through a lot of design work to improve our systems, which is good for efficient assembly and also eases the flexibility when we design new systems for our customers. Nearly all of our systems are customised for each client.” Its clients include major oil companies, such as BP, Chevron and Petrobras; smaller independent oil companies and engineering firms, as well as key players in the FPSO, subsea and oil service market. The company believes it is never better than its latest accomplishment and has a strong reference list of more than 800 projects.

To keep up with client demands, Hitec Products AS has four main divisions; topside control systems, subsea control systems, customer support, and, the most recent division, supplying products and systems to the oil service companies. The newest addition is to be a fresh area of business for the firm and a key area to focus on in the immediate future, as the global subsea market increases. “From 2011 to 2012 we have doubled our turnover and the market is definitely increasing. We see that being established in Singapore is proving that we are getting access to the Asia Pacific region and Australia. There is a lot of activity in the North Sea with new platforms and the worldwide market for subsea increasing rapidly in terms of our products,” highlights David.

A key strength for the company is that it is well positioned, with its main markets based around the Norwegian continental shelf, the UKCS, West Africa, Asia Pacific, Brazil and Australia, with some deliveries to India, the Middle East and Russia. Hitec Products AS expanded into Singapore two years ago and recently enjoyed success in the region, as David explains: “We have just had a breakthrough in Singapore with deliveries of very large systems. Our first year of getting ourselves established was difficult, while the second year has seen a lot of sales and some contract awards.” The business firmly believes that being close to its clients, developing its office in Singapore and looking at other areas of potential will be the foundation to its success in the Far East.

The next step for the expanding control system supplier is to enhance its presence in Norway and also maintain its market share in the North Sea area. Hitec Products AS is also keen to develop its budding profile in Singapore, and, through that, gain more contracts and establish a presence in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. “Brazil is a very large market for us in the future, along with West Africa. Those two are definite focus areas for us,” adds David. With major plans for expansion over the coming years, Hitec Products AS has built up a strong reputation for customer service and high quality products that is sure to grow with it.

Hitec Products AS
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