Pressure Tech: Two Decades of Pioneering High-Quality Regulators for Gas and Liquid Applications

Regulating success

Since the company was founded during November 2000, Pressure Tech has developed a leading reputation for its provision of an extensive range of high quality stainless steel pressure regulators for use in both liquid and gas applications. The business was established by its Managing Director, Steve Yorke-Robinson in response to market demand for high quality pressure regulators within a number of industry sectors and has grown to provide components to clients around the world.

“Pressure Tech started as a ‘one-man-band’ in 2000 when I realised that the main supplies of high quality pressure regulators for the oil and gas market were predominantly manufactured in the USA. The buzzwords at the time were things like ‘globalisation’, ‘e-commerce’, and ‘the internet,’ Steve explains. “I quickly recognised the opportunity to offer a European sourced range of pressure regulators that could be sold directly to business-to-business to clients anywhere in the world. While today it seems the internet and e-mails have been around for eternity, it was only in 2000 that it suddenly seemed a lot easier to communicate with customers from Australia to America, and more recent developments with Skype and Facetime, mean that virtual meetings can be arranged with customers without the need to spend excessive amounts of time and resources travelling around the world.”

After the manufacture and introduction of an analytical range of core products to market in 2001, Pressure Tech further developed a range of over 40 different pressure regulator models. A key factor in the early success of the business was the approval of its heated pressure regulator for use on gas analyser systems meeting ATEX regulations. “The EU directive had just changed from the CENELEC/BASEFA approval system to ATEX and we were the first company to achieve this certification for the European market. Being creative, innovative, and generally ahead of the game, has helped ensure Pressure Tech is seen as a leader in the pressure regulator business,” Steve reveals. “The company’s present range covers pressure control from 1bar to 1400bar, and the regulators are used in offshore applications down to 3000m subsea, up to 3000m in aerospace applications, and anything in between.”

The robust design and reliability of its units has allowed Pressure Tech’s pressure regulators to be deployed in some of the world’s most demanding environments. Within the oil and gas industry for example, the company’s client base is prominently involved with hydraulic control systems for subsea systems or analyser systems for a variety of gases and environmental applications. Furthermore, the adaptability of the design of its pressure regulators has allowed Pressure Tech to diversify in the face of challenging market conditions. “The current downturn in oil prices has had an impact on our core business in the oil market and we have had to adapt to find new products, markets, and applications, which we have been able to do very successfully,” Steve explains. “For example, we are presently talking to a company in the USA involved with legally extracting the medical benefits of marijuana that requires several hundred back pressure regulators to control pressures on their supercritical fluid extraction process. We have also expanded within the commercial diving and hyperbaric chamber business with a range of brass regulators, which are cleaned and degreased for use on oxygen service. To demonstrate our commitment to developing this range, we have invested £100,000 in cleaning processes and an ISO8 clean room to ensure the parts are completely degreased prior to assembly and the regulators are suitable for use on oxygen, which we also offer as a new subcontract cleaning service.”

By drawing its strength from a combination of pioneering innovation and a highly skilled and dedication team of professionals, Pressure Tech celebrated 15 year’s in operation during November 2015 and met several important milestones along the way. “Every employee involved in the business has an interest in how the business is developing, which projects we have secured, how the products are performing, as well as which customers we are dealing with. Our culture is one of very open and honest communication. From the CNC and production teams, to the people in the office, everyone knows how the company stands financially and what needs to be done to meets our customers’ expectations. This caring approach to what we do means the customers needs are fully supported,” Steve says. “Key milestones for Pressure Tech have got to include; making our first investment in our CNC machines providing much greater control over our production and quality; reaching our £1million then £2million turnover points within one year of each other; moving our CNC machine shop and expanding our production facility in 2014/2015 with employee numbers reaching 30 in 2015; securing our first €0.5million contract for a project in Brazil in 2014. Towards the end of 2015 our e-commerce website went live which allows customers to easily select the correct part number configuration, generate their own quotes, and order products directly on line.”

Throughout 2016 and beyond, Pressure Tech will seek to continue to capitalise on its momentum and further establish itself as a leading market player, as Steve concludes: “Our focus will be on our sales and marketing strategy as we progress through 2016. The shock drop in oil pricing has clearly identified the need to look for new areas to reduce the risk of being heavily involved in the offshore market. Our £0.75m investment last year in new CNC machinery and our production facility is intended to cover our manufacturing needs up to at least £5m turnover, so we will definitely be focusing on generating the sales to ensure we generate an acceptable return on investment.”

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