The Source Group Inc.

The past year was a big one for California-based The Source Group Inc. (SGI). Not only has the company started to see business increase in multiple sectors, but it was honored as Best Construction Company for the West Coast region for 2013 at the Oil & Gas Awards. The technical consulting and engineering services firm was recognized for its work in restoring California oil fields in the Los Angeles Harbor and Central Coast regions.

Director of Business Development Bruce Thrupp says the company was honored by the award and expects its profile in that sector to increase as a result. “It’s work that we’ve been doing all along, so it’s just a nice result to be finally recognized for some of that work,” Thrupp says.

The recognition of The Oil & Gas Awards only confirms that SGI is doing something right, and Managing Principal and Partner Neil Irish says that’s due in large part to the unique blend of services SGI offers. Along with oilfield services such as site restorations and site closures, the company’s work also includes environmental services, construction services, water resources service and agricultural services. Thanks to the in-house expertise the company brings to clients’ projects, SGI can provide them with turnkey services and peace of mind.

“In some regards, the work that we’re doing now sets SGI apart from the competition,” Irish says.

Single Source
SGI has developed a unique approach to the environmental restoration of oilfield sites, according to Irish. This approach was developed after the company noticed how many contractors typically were needed to close out an oilfield site.

“We are by background an environmental company, so we would come in at the tail end,” Irish says. At the point SGI became involved in an oilfield closure, the company could see first-hand the inefficiencies that resulted from having so many contractors working on the same site. Problems in communication and scheduling between different contractors often made it difficult.

“We were seeing that our customers were being exposed to potential risk,” stated Chip Anzalone, SGI’s oil field services supervisor. In response to these issues, SGI developed a full suite of oilfield services aimed at giving customers a single-source option for closing down an oilfield site.

“One call would answer all the questions that they had,” Anzalone adds.

Strong Advantages
SGI’s ability to offer clients full turnkey oilfield services is a major selling point, but it wouldn’t be possible without its other advantages. As co-founder and partner Paul Horton explains, SGI counts on the strength of its people and its lean structure to give clients the maximum benefit on the job site. “The thing that we really sell a lot is that we have a big cadre of senior, experienced staff that are experts in environmental remediation,” Horton says.

Because the company serves a diverse group of clients of all sizes that range from government agencies to private industry, developing strong bonds between it and its clients is essential. Horton says the key for SGI is giving clients a level of attention that larger, more bureaucratic competitors can’t offer. “We compete with big companies because we’re just nimble and we provide a more responsive service,” he says.

Irish says the company’s health and safety record also plays a large role in helping it secure long-term clients. SGI has a strong health and safety program in place, and has gone more than three-and-a-half years without a lost-time incident. “That translates into so many benefits for the customers,” he says.